Anna Schultz-Socks And Laptop In Bed

Let's Sock About It

Socks do the absolute most for us. They keep our feet from getting sweaty, cold, or dirty. They compliment our outfits. They make it more socially acceptable to wander around the hall barefoot. And yet, we literally and figuratively walk all over them. So here it is, an appreciation post for all the types of socks that bless our lives. 


1. Knee Socks 

Over the years, I’ve accumulated over a dozen pairs of knee high socks; lacy ones, fuzzy ones, and the ones tall enough to pair with a big hoodie and call yourself Ariana Grande. But none feel like this first pair. They’re not fancy, I know. But I put them on for the first time and thought, “wow, I’m THAT English major.” These socks make you feel like you can do anything--if by anything you mean start a blog, become a small coffee shop barista, and listen to The Lumineers.


The Lalatea Mugs Cozy Sweaters

2. Fishnets 

I have a special place in my heart for fishnets. They’re like the wild cousin that always looks out of place at the family reunion. So why are we so judgemental towards fishnets? They’re sexy and playful. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Like your cousin, they’re always at the best parties. But maybe it’s time that we finally change their bad reputation and take them out into the daylight. Maybe fishnets are just misunderstood.


3. Artsy Socks

Here we have those socks--you know the ones. You bought them in some overpriced boutique or at Urban Outfitters and now you think you’re an artist. It all happens so fast. One minute you’re thinking, “oh cool, Van Gogh socks” or “this print reminds me of a VSCO girl.” The next thing you know it, you’ve got 30 succulents, a wall collage, and answer compliments on your outfit with “thanks I thrifted it.” Save yourself while you still can.


The Lalaplaid Socks Brick Wall


4. Fuzzy Socks

Some socks just feel like a sweater for your feet. You put them on and envision the perfect Sunday afternoon. You wake up late. Your professor assigned no weekend homework. You are drinking tea and listening to the rain pound against the window. Your only concern is whether you will have to leave your blanket cocoon to retrieve your DoorDash from Chipotle. Your laundry is done, so you can finally wear jeans again. Life is good.


5. Mismatched Socks 

This one is a tribute to the socks we all have and never talk about--the mismatched socks. They are truly the miracles and tragedies of the sock world. The washing machine giveth and the washing machine taketh away. It’s the tie-dyed sock that showed up in your drawer from who knows where. It’s the lonely gnome-riding-a-weiner-dog sock that you can’t bear to part with. But when they come together, it’s a beautiful thing.