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The Juice Cleanse: The Pros and Cons

  With Spring Break behind us, many people have been talking about quick weight loss fads to regain their “summer bodies” before hitting the beach!  One detox weight loss method that is trending right now is the juice cleanse.  This trend consists of solely drinking fruits and vegetables everyday for a few days, to a few weeks, in lieu of standard meals.  While some people lose weight in a timely manner, the cleanse has other impacts on your body that could be dangerous.  Before you decide to start your juice cleanse, make sure you are familiarized with the pros as well as the cons.


The Pros:

1. Get in your daily dose of fruits and vegetables in an efficient and easy way!  When you’re juicing, all you can eat are fruits and vegetables, so you will certainly be having enough.

2. You will lose some weight since your diet is drastically changing.  This is a very low calorie diet, and, therefore, the pounds will shed.

3. This diet will detox your body.  (A detox gets rid of waste and toxins in your body, and this will make you feel better!)


The Cons:

1. The weight loss you achieve will not be long term.  When you go off of the juice cleanse, you will probably gain a couple pounds back from reintroducing different types of foods into your diet.

2. You will not have enough of variety in your diet.  Some proteins and fats are good too, and you won’t be getting those food groups in while you’re on the cleanse.

3. There are lists of uncomfortable side effects including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, etc.  Sometimes, juice cleanses are dangerous, so make sure to check with a doctor if you experience these symptoms!

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