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Joanna Gavin


Joanna GavinClass of 2014Concert Committee Chair

With the release of the Spring Concert, we interviewed Campus Celeb Joanna Gavin, the Chair of the Concert Committee. With such big names like Darius Rucker and Eli Young Band, we asked Joanna questions about her job as the Chair and how she handles such a big production. Read more about Joanna here!


When did your love for music begin?

I became interested in music in high school, and my love for it has steadily increased since then.  I have Spotify Premium on my phone, and I highly recommend everyone invest in it. I can’t imagine long car rides without Spotify.  I genuinely enjoy a live concert experience and witnessing artists in their element, expressing such raw talent and passion for their work.

How did you become involved with Concert Committee?

My brother graduated from Bucknell right before I started, and he was on the Concert Committee.  He would rant about how amazing his experience was with the committee.  He showed me this fast-motion video of the committee setting up the stage over several hours, and I was hooked.  I wanted to feel that excitement of providing this experience, from start to finish, for the Bucknell community.  I applied and interviewed with the committee right after orientation freshmen year.

How is this group different from other organizations on campus?

The Concert Committee is a close-knit group of about 20 students who all have a passion for music, spanning numerous genres.  We spend a lot of time deliberating about what artists would be successful at Bucknell.  It’s extremely difficult because we have a budget and we are also in the middle of Pennsylvania.  But once we choose that act, every member embraces it and advertises the concert around campus.  We then spend about 48 hours straight together on the day of show and the night before, physically putting together the stage and meeting the artists.     

You just announced the spring concert. What can we expect?

It’s hard to please everyone, but we have received a lot of positive feedback for this show. The Concert Committee has not brought a country act in the four years I have been here, so it’s exciting to do something new. Tickets are now on sale to the public. Since the concert is in Sojka and there’s only about 2000 floor tickets available, students should really buy their tickets now and not wait until the week before. You can definitely expect a quality performance from both acts.  I highly doubt either of them will walk off stage after 30 seconds.

Do you hope to pursue a career in the music industry post-graduation? 

No – CC was an amazing committee to be a member of for four years, and I had many great experiences.  CC involves event-planning and marketing skills just as much as it involves music, so our committee members bring different strengths to the table.   I’m actually pursuing an Accounting career and I’m employed for the fall.   



  • Spot on campus – 7th Street Cafe
  • Favorite meal at Bucknell – Turkey and brie sandwich
  • Thing about Bucknell – Pretty split between Super Saturdays and the small town of Lewisburg
  • Freeze Flavor – Chocolate ice-cream with cookie dough

4 Fun facts

  • I despise stink bugs and the noise they make when they fly. 
  • I wish I could dance….well.  
  • I really enjoy taking notes/doodling.
  • I hate chocolate-covered pretzels. 
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