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How to Appreciate Being Single During the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with happiness, peace, and love…. or not so much.

As someone who has experienced both being single and having a significant other to spend the holidays with, I know what each situation feels like. Being in a relationship during the holidays can seem so dreamy and wonderful. You have someone close to you who can participate in fun holiday activities. 

On the opposite end, being single during the holidays is not as romanticized and talked about. It can get really lonely seeing social media posts of your friends showing off all of the fun they are having with their partners. It can be really hard to experience that type of happiness alone, but it’s not impossible. The key thing that you need to do is think of the positives of being a single individual during the holiday season.

In order to enjoy this festive season of singleness, here are some of the pros to think about:

  1. A Great Opportunity to Spend Time with Family and Friends
    • Surround yourself with loved ones. Although romantic relationships may come and go, there are people who remain in your life through the ups and downs. During this time, try to build on those relationships even more. Cherish the traditions you’ve created and embrace the little moments of joy.
  2. One Less Gift to Buy
    • When I was in a relationship, thinking about and buying something that my significant other wanted for Christmas was one of the toughest processes ever. This can be especially difficult if you are dating someone who is extremely picky. When you’re single, there’s no additional stress to gift giving. In return, you save both time and money.
  3. Focus on Yourself
    • In a season where you are constantly thinking of others, take this time to think about yourself. There could be many activities that don’t require additional people. One way this can be achieved is by staying in to bake cookies and watch a marathon of holiday movies. Perhaps, you’d like to treat yourself with a gift. This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a shopping trip!

It’s important to remember that the holiday season isn’t supposed to be about finding a partner to spend time with. Instead, it can be about reflection and appreciation for another year that is coming to a close. So, enjoy every moment and make the best of it!

Madi Steckley is a marketing major from Danville, Pennsylvania who intends to pursue a career in social media marketing and photography. In her free time, Madi enjoys dancing, reading, and creating art.
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