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Wow! We are less than a month away from finishing the year. While some people skip town and decide to take finals from the comforts of home, most of us will be fending for ourselves during finals week on campus—and it is time to prepare. Everyone has different studying methods, whether that be the obsessive, color coded sticky notes or the desk that looks like it was hit by a paper tornado; however, there are a few essentials we will all be needing to tie up an unforgettable year. 

  1. A list of final dates and times. 

Write it down—on a sticky note, random notebook page, or even a dirty napkin. The idea seems intimidating, but it will take a weight off your shoulders. Instead of juggling deadlines and requirements, the list will clear space in your head while not letting things sneak up on you. 

  1. Tea, not coffee. 

I am a coffee addict, but I am telling you tea is what you need. Caffeinated teas, such as black and green teas, can give that extra boost you need to finish your night of studying without the anxious jitters that coffee produces. Also, tea will not interfere with your sleep and keep your mind racing as you lay in bed; moreover, many teas include herbs that are naturally calming and reduce stress! 

  1.  A new desktop picture. 

As we rely on our laptops to write paper or make study guides at this time of the year, we are all glued to the screen. There is no escaping it, but we can make it more fun. Change your wallpaper to a picture of your dream vacation destination, a photo with friends, a family portrait, or a ridiculous image of your pets—anything that will make you smile. If you mix it up, you’ll close a tab and be surprised, and smile at whatever memory or aspiration you chose.  

  1.   Crazy, Stupid, Love

You must watch this movie. Admittedly, I saw it for the first time a few nights ago, but I was absolutely floored and think it is the most perfect study-break watch. Fourteen weeks straight has taken a toll, and we all need to press pause for two hours during the final grind. Without a doubt Crazy Stupid Love is a tad outdated, but its humor is timeless. At the end, you will appreciate the realness while still feeling that warmth of a good rom-com, and you’ll be ready to get back to work.

    There is a lot more to the finals than these top four, but try to remain positive and do the small things to make these last weeks easier on yourself! Good luck! 

Haley Beardsley

Bucknell '24

Pittsburgh --> Bucknell
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