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How to: make the most of spring break 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

How to: make the most of spring break 

Nicole Yeager


Stay home & ~relax~ 

Spring Break doesn’t always have to be like it’s made out to be in Spring Breakers. You don’t have to be spending hours at a beachside bar or at a Carribean club. Instead, picture this: you’re curled up on your bed watching Netflix with your pet and your family. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what you’ve needed for the past six weeks? Whether it’s catching up on sleep, getting some good food from your favorite restaurant, or finally watching Little Women, there are an infinite number of ways to relax this Spring Break. During the peak of the semester, it’s hard to find time for self-care and we’re at the point where it might feel like the only thing getting you through the days is coffee. This upcoming break is the perfect opportunity to rewind and re-energize for the last stretch before summer!


Stay home & ~be productive~

Another downfall of these busy past few weeks is that you may not have had the time to check-off all the things on your personal to-do list. With various assignments being thrown at you from all classes, only to be followed up by test after test, a lot of things on the “real-life” agenda are being pushed back. For those who are feeling a little motivated and what to make productive use of the ten days off, it is the perfect amount of time to apply for those internships that have been in the back of your mind or finally read one (or maybe more) of the books that have been collecting dust on your shelf. Other ways of being productive could involve getting to the gym, hitting up the hair/nail salon, or in my case, finally going to the DMV to replace a lost driver’s license. 



Plan a trip with home friends 

Here’s a fact: home friends hit different. While we are at school, it is natural to focus on your people here; however, it’s around the time where we might be starting to text some old home friends to make plans during overlapping spring breaks. Here’s another fact: AirBNB is your friend. Getting a group of people together, picking a fun location, and renting a small place to stay is a cheap and easy way to make Spring Break-esque memories. By being resourceful and tactical with your planning, you could find flight tickets around $100-$200 and split the cost for a small apartment or rental house. 


Plan a trip with college friends 

While we are all looking forward to the time off of school, some might already be anticipating some separation anxiety from their people here. Ten months can feel like a lifetime away from your friends that you’re used to seeing every day for all three meals, and then some. And that’s why Spring Break is so notoriously associated with one’s college years! Planning a trip over the break doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive, as long as you do it the right way. Again, learn how to use AirBNB and look into different airlines for the best flight options. 


Whatever you decide to do over Spring Break, just remember it is your time to take for yourself! Make up for the lack of sleep you might have getting. Spend time with your family. Catch up with old friends. Visit your favorite restaurants and places. Go on a fun vacation! Make memories!

Nicole Yeager

Bucknell '22

Nicole is a senior writer majoring in Literary Studies and Psychology with minors in Arts Entrepreneurship and Social Justice. She spends most of her time on campus finding new places to read, drinking vanilla lattes, and sending emails. She believes HerCampus is a great platform for college women to express their unique thoughts and experiences in a fun way.
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