Her Campus Girl Crush: Rachel Cohen

Meet this week’s HC girl crush, Rachel Cohen!

Class Year: 2020

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Major: Neuroscience (pre-med track)


Your favorite…

Class at Bucknell: Genetics

Spot on campus: Eating a Commons salad on the patio on a warm sunny day

Place you’ve traveled: National Parks in the Southwest or Israel  

Restaurant in Lewisburg: Amami

TV show: “Friends”


What made you want to become a fitness instructor, and what is it like?

“At home, I would make up workout routines and instruct my friends and family for fun. I love being able to teach people the exercises that give them the results that they want. An effective and fun workout can be so much more than just running on a treadmill, and doing fifteen minutes of abs. My friends from home suggested that I apply and get certified to teach at school. I was really nervous that I would make a workout that was either too hard or too easy, and that couldn’t apply to a large, diverse group of people. I had only ever made workouts for people that I knew. Now, I absolutely love it, and have become so comfortable! I teach both Tabata and Spin classes, but I definitely prefer Tabata. There’s much more variety and it targets all muscle groups, rather than just focusing on legs and cardio.”


And, you also tutor! How is that?

“Great! I tutored kids from Pre-K through 12th grade in math and science both privately and through Mathnasium in high school, and I loved it. I was telling one of my professors at Bucknell about this, and she later reached out to me about tutoring her son in algebra. One of her friends, who also happens to be a professor at Bucknell, heard about this, and so I now tutor both of them a few times a week! Math is my favorite subject to tutor because many kids are turned off by it just because it takes them a little longer to grasp the concepts. But, that one extra practice session can really get them to understand a problem, and gain confidence in their abilities. It’s extremely rewarding to help them to get to that point.”


How was it being an OA this past year?

“Being an OA was one of the best experiences that I’ve had so far at Bucknell! I met so many amazing people that I never would have otherwise. I was honored to be a part of the first years’ transition to the university. Remembering what it was like to go through the same thing just a year earlier, and  impacting the new students in the same way that my OAs had impacted me was so much fun. I am still very close to the students on the hall that I was assigned. My O-Partner and I do our best to go on the hall and celebrate for each person’s birthday!”


Explain your role as a peer mentor!

“The program just started this semester, and it’s been great so far! It was created to help underclassmen prepare to meet with their academic advisors. It helps them understand how requirements work, and how to choose the right classes. Peer mentors also help students make connections with various faculty members, clubs, and events on campus that might be of interest to them. They are great resources for any student who doesn’t really know where to go, and just needs a push in the right direction!”  


Last, but not least, you’re also a part of the Student Health Advisory Board.

“Yes! I’m one of a few students that meets monthly with faculty from various departments on campus to get up to date on all things health-related (ie: how many students are diagnosed with what, upcoming Flu Shot and STD clinics, Sex Week events, etc). We also discuss the best ways to do health outreach and connect to students. Being pre-med, I have really valued the opportunity. Any student, regardless of grade or major, and who is interested in providing a student prospective, is more than welcome to join!”  


Catch Rachel at one of her Spin or Tabata classes this semester, or sign up for an appointment during her Peer Mentorship hours!


Tabata Classes: Tuesdays 12-1245pm and 7-8pm, Thursdays 4-5pm

Spin Classes: Thursdays 3-4pm, Fridays 12-1245pm

Peer Mentor Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm, Thursdays 11-12pm