Halloween Costumes on a Budget

October is here; Students everywhere are drowning in exams, papers and projects. While it may not fit the typical definition, our spooky seasons have most definitely been scary. It seems as though we have all lost track of how fast this semester is going, and suddenly Halloween is right around the corner. And to top it all off, our one too many late night food orders has left us with no room in our budget for Halloween costumes. Luckily, Her Campus has a few tips to help you look good celebrating all while BOOlin’ on a budget (too much?).


1. Don’t Underestimate the Color Black

Take advantage of all the black clothing items in your closet and make a costume out of it! There are so many costume ideas that rely heavily on the color black. Just throw together your favorite black crop top and pair it with a black skirt, shorts or jeans. Depending on what accessories/makeup you add, you can transform the exact same outfit to fit many costumes. You could be a cat, three blind mice, a spider, Wednesday Adams or a witch. The possibilities are endless. Plus, your entire outfit is already sitting in your closet waiting for you.


2. Prioritize Makeup and Accessories

Spend less time and money buying a completely new outfit for your costume, and use the going out clothes you already have. Choose to buy accessories such as ear headbands and costume jewelry instead. These items are usually much cheaper than purchasing a full costume, and you get to flaunt the cute clothes you already own. Next, spend some time searching YouTube for Halloween makeup tutorials. Having a cool makeup look will make it seem as though you spent a lot of money on your costume, when in reality you only spent a couple bucks on accessories.



3. Thrift Shop

If you really have nothing in your closet to wear, take advantage of the local thrift stores. The largest thrift store in the country, Community Aid, is only a short drive away in Selinsgrove. Whether you find pieces you already like or items that you want to customize, you’re guaranteed to spend less than $20 on a costume.


4. Reuse Previous Looks

Themed parties and college seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. They occur almost every weekend, and we always regret spending so much time and money on them. So, ff you’re really swamped for time and money this Halloween season, just reuse one of your outfits from a themed event! Chances are, no one will even realize you are repeating an outfit.