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Fashionable DJs

Since the dawn of time, women have looked to other women—idols – for fashion advice and fashion inspiration. Throughout history, women have turned to celebrities, Hollywood’s finest, for advice in the fashion realm. Yet, as time has progressed, the nature of fashion and the fashionable has changed. No longer do we turn to Vogue (always in my heart) for the most current fashion advice. Rather, we look towards our phones, and more specifically, Instagram. Bloggers have grabbed our attention in the most recent years, showcasing their most stylish outfits at the touch of our fingers.

Yet, once again, fashion has taken a turn. With the music industry, specifically the DJ realm, embracing the female artist, there now exist a new fashion platform. Look no further than the DJ booth for the latest fashion inspiration. Female DJs are the new fashion platform. We crave their playlists and their wardrobes.

Rummage through the closets of Her Campus Bucknell’s favorite fashionable DJs:


1.     Harley Viera-Newton

Harley embraces her ultra feminine side in a male dominated industry of DJs. The former in-house DJ for Dior Beauty, Harley has found herself as the poster girl for the brand. Her closet is full of gorgeous (and enviable) feminine dresses—embracing the lace of Valentino, the full skirts of Dior, and the prim tweed of Chanel. Harley is notorious for completing her ladylike looks with striking and bold red lips.

Instagram: @harleyvnewton; Music: www.harleyvieranewton.com


2.     Chelsea Leyland

The British-born DJ now resides in New York, NY. Chelsea is known for bringing her British background into play, choosing fit-and-flare dresses that scream prim and proper. Yet, Chelsea brings a twist to her looks, dressing down her choices with loafers or high-fashion sneakers. To top of her looks, Chelsea plays with edgy hairstyles, choosing double French braids or an up do.

Instagram: @chelsealeyland; Music: www.djchelsealeyland.com


3.     Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is all about the statement. A New-York based entrepreneur turned DJ, Hannah has found herself cofounding mobile beauty app, Beautified. Not only does Hannah wear bold prints and sequins, but she solidifies her looks through cat eye-liner and dark markup.

Instagram: @hannahbronfman


4.     Mia Moretti

Mia’s wardrobe reflects her creativity on the turntable and off of it. Her looks resemble her worldly travels—full of color and culture. Her eclectic taste—which mimics her song spinning style—is both playful and whimsical. Every party, whether it is in Tokyo or the Hamptons, brings a new and wildcard look.

Instagram: @miamoretti; Music: www.miamoretti.com


5.     Leigh Lezark

Leigh’s taste is sharp like her black bob. Part of the Misshapes, a DJ trio consisting of two other males, Leigh has earned a name in the industry for her striking music taste and sultry fashion style. Often seen in leather, Leigh is overall edgy. To overset her dark hair and eye makeup, Leigh often chooses to play with colors. Yet, you’ll always find her in crop-top and skirt combos.

Instagram: @themisshapes

Bucknell University 2018
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