Everything Wrong With this Season of the Bachelor

1. Colton gave away the winner early

During the first week of March, a few weeks before the Bachelor season finale, Colton was spotted going to the gym with Cassie Randolph’s sister’s boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. Fans of the show were outraged by the way Colton was so carefree about being out in public with one of the final three’s close acquaintances.


2.  The fence jump

Throughout the entire season, the producers of the show teased this fence jump in just about every single preview for every week. By the time the last couple of episodes were being teased, fans wondered why the infamous jump had not happened yet, because of the fact that they were all waiting each week for it.


3. The fight between Hannah B and Caelynn

Like every season of the show, there is always a lot of tension between the contestants. And because of this, fights happen all the time. However, during this season in particular, there was some pretty heated drama between the girls. Like the fight between Hannah B and Caelynn. When the girls both auditioned for The Bachelor, the casting team naturally decided to pick two girls that had already competed against one another. They ran against each other in last years Miss USA Pageant. Hannah B was Miss Alabama and Caelynn was Miss North Carolina. Caelynn ended up being Miss USA’s runner up while Hannah B didn’t make it passed the top 15. So unsurprisingly, there was a whole lot of tension and drama between the former contestants/roommates.

4. The fight between Demi and Courtney

An even bigger feud was the drama between Demi and Courtney. It all started when Courtney complained about not having enough time with Colton. Meanwhile, she freaked out at Demi for her immaturity and how young she was. Demi, reacted to this saying Courtney was rude considering that they are both twenty-three years old. When the feud intensified, Demi spoke to Colton and referred to Courtney as “the Cancer of the house.” This made their feud go all the way to the “women tell all” episode, which is months later. During the live show, Courtney gets out of her seat, stomps over to Demi, and throws a pacifier at her.

5. The ending

During this season, viewers witnessed a never before seen ending where Colton ends up with zero girls after the top three. Coltin figures out that Cassie is the one, right before Cassie ends everything with him at their pre-fantasy suite cocktail session. When this happens, Colton is heartbroken and decides that he does not want to be the Bachelor anymore. He threatens to quit the show. He risks it all to be with Cassie by ending his relationships with Tayshia and Hannah G. During the finale, we learn that Colton and Cassie are not engaged, but are very much in love and happily dating.