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Empowering Spring Fashion Trends

As February comes to a close and the sun makes an unexpected appearance, women across campus have taken out their sunglasses and embraced this unseasonably warm weather. With the dreary weather (hopefully) behind us, spring is both a reminder and opportunity for growth and new beginnings, especially on the fashion front. Designers from the 2017 New York Fashion week and several popular store brands give us a glimpse at what we can expect to see for spring fashion this upcoming season.

Empowerment through Fashion

During the 2017 New York Fashion week, designers jumped at the opportunity not only to create fashion as a means of art, but also as a post-election political statement. Designers took pride in their inspirational graphic tees, making them shout with political and fashion forward significance. Some T-shirts read, “People are people” (at Christian Siriano), “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Alice & Olivia), and “We will not be silenced” (at Prabal Gurung). Trend alert: pick up graphic tees that let you say how you really feel, while still looking fabulous and in style.

Natural Beauty

Another recurrence at NYC Fashion Week was that many models walked with minimal face make-up, highlighting the natural look that each woman had to offer. In fact, in the dressing room at Proenza Schouler, a note was taped to a mirror to remind makeup artists, “foundation only if needed.” Hairstylists were encouraged to use a spritz of water to tame, not transform, the natural texture of model’s hair. Trend alert: don’t feel bad about not wearing makeup or straightening your hair before class this semester. Being you is beautiful enough.

Recycled Trends

Do you remember when it was all the rage in middle school to have a velour jumpsuit to tuck into UGG boots? Well, Urban Outfitters just released an athletic spring line in collaboration with the infamous Juicy Couture. Now, you can find anything from limited edition Juicy T-shirts, intimates, and velour track suits, both in store and online. Trend alert: Maybe you can put that ten year old Juicy Jacket hanging in your closet to use after all. Super Saturday outfit goals.


Many designers utilized “feminine colors” to represent the fierce, bold, and lively attitudes of spring through different outfits at the NYC Fashion Week shows. The repetitive use of pastels and bright pinks can be seen as a way to redefine and reclaim what it means to “dress like a woman.” Designers everywhere offered more comfortable yet utterly feminine pieces for ladies everywhere to rock. Trend alert: don’t be afraid to wear bold, and bright colors. Where what makes YOU comfortable, even if that means you stand out. Embrace it.

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