Dudes on Gals

Dudes on Gals (n): a brand-new series for your entertainment in which HerCampus asks dudes around campus to respond to “girly” questions. These men have requested to remain anonymous.


Without further ado, HerCampus presents: Dudes on Gals: Fall Edition.


Q: Describe the perfect fall date.


A: “I don’t know it’s just something in a pumpkin patch, maybe an apple orchard.”


A: “I don’t know. I’m like half-awake right now.”


A: I don’t think it’s different from any other time of year. You get dressed up, you and your date go out for a nice meal, maybe go to a movie, and then I don’t know hang out at someone’s house?”


A: “Probably like going to a fair of some kind. Hanging out there while people watching.”


A: “A hot air balloon ride over a pumpkin patch while dropping pumpkins out of the hot air balloon at people.”



A: “I’m an outdoorsy person so I like walks and s***. So, like wearing coats, walking out like by the Grove.”


Q: Describe the perfect fall outfit.


A: “Like a flannel or something with a nice pair of duck boots or those big rain boots chicks wear.”


A: “That’s a tough question. Usually pants like jeans or a T-shirt with a sweatshirt.”



A: “Like, leggings? Hunter boots? Maybe like a nice pair of jeans or something”


A: “Either yoga pants or jeans and like a nice short sleeve shirt.”


A: “You know like the coats that like go down to the knee and come in at the waist and come in fall colors like brown or green. Over a light blouse and like tight jeans.”


Q: Describe the perfect cozy night in.


A: “Something with a fire definitely. Sitting in a log cabin in front of a fire while listening to jazz music and drinking hot chocolate.”


A: “Thunderstorms blaring. A rom-com. I don’t know and like sweats or something.”


A: “Grab a couch and watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix or something.”


A: “Oooh. Dom’s. Netflix. Chillin’ in my bed, hangin’ out.”


A: “Having a big room to ourselves sitting in front of the fireplace maybe talking or even studying together. Just enjoying each other’s company. Leave a window open if it’s not raining. Definitely have recliners or like a cushy chair. If we get really into it, build a pillow fort if we’re really dedicated.”



What can we take from this? Dudes like pumpkin patches. They also don’t pay too close attention to what gals’ wear. Netflix and chill is a win-win (especially by a fireplace). HerCampus hopes you enjoyed the first edition of Dudes on Gals, stay tuned for more!