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Dear Abby: Hard Up in the Holidays

Dear Abby,

Christmas is coming up and I want to buy presents for everyone, but I’m a broke college student, and I’m trying to save up for spring break....

Hard Up in the Holidays

Dear Hard Up in the Holidays,

You know the answer to this already. Christmas, and the holiday season in general, isn’t about the presents. It’s about being with family and friends. I know that doesn’t really make you feel better, but there are ways to go about getting great presents for people without spending a lot of money. Think about the little things they like, and go for that. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a person to let them to get that satisfying, “I LOVE THIS!” response. If it’s family, take them out to lunch one on one, and spend time with them. Family is usually pretty easy to please, and they are probably aware of your money situation, so don’t worry about them. Friends are also probably aware (and in the same boat saving for spring break) so suggest a price limit if you’re all doing an exchange. Don’t waste this great season being stressed out! Put on some Christmas music and eat a chocolate santa or something—you’ll feel better instantly.

Good luck!


We've all been there--what would you do in this situation? Let us know!

photo source: http://organizerightnow.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/opening-gift.jpg

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