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The Dangers of Competitive Body Image

Why We Do it

Women often compare themselves to other women as a method of measuring their own self-worth.  In nearly all cases, these comparisons result either envy or judgment— and neither of those outcomes are positive.  Especially with regard to body image, putting an end to this competition and discovering self-acceptance is how to achieve ultimate freedom.

Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Unhealthy

First thing’s first, comparing your body type with someone else’s is unfair.  As individuals, we know our worst features, and we compare those features to what we see (the best features) of other people.  Inequitable comparisons rob us of precious time and energy that could be going into more important things.  Life is far too short for vanity to be the main goal!

We should also keep in mind that humans are too unique to compare.  Even if two people were to eat the exact same food every single day for a year, their bodies would still not be the same by the end of the year.  Everyone is built differently, and that’s okay.  Individuality is what make people interesting.

Eating healthy and working out is about taking care of yourself, so that you can live a long, productive life— not to achieve a certain body type.  Unhealthy and superficial motivations just result in resentment towards ourselves and others.  There will always be something that someone else has that you don’t have, and that is putting all your focus on the wrong person.  Focus on yourself, because your own life is the only one that you can control! 


How to Stop

Developing an awareness of the harmful effects of competitive body image will help to lessen its power.  When we begin to truly see and appreciate the beauty in ourselves, we can start pursuing greater things.  Appreciating others for their talents and being grateful for our lives will help us to remember at the grand scheme of things.  In the wise words of Miley Cyrus, nobody’s perfect!!


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