Coming Soon to Bucknell: Anderson Cooper

The Bucknell Forum is known for bringing some of the most talented, influential, and all-around amazing speakers right here to our very own Lewisburg campus. Some recent favorites include Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton, television superstar Ellie Kemper, and the ever-so-iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Up next in this fantastic lineup of speakers is none other than Anderson Cooper, award-winning journalist and news anchor for CNN. With his arrival to Bucknell just days away, we’re here to tell you why this lecture is going to be one of the best our school has ever had.

Anderson Cooper has always had a knack for journalism, starting his career off at ABC and soon after landing a gig at CNN. In 2003, he launched his own news program – Anderson Cooper 360° (0therwise known as AC-360)which ran until 2014. While on air, Cooper covered stories around the globe, exploring everything from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to the refugee crises in Syria and Egypt. Cooper is also a regular correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes. His comprehensive and high-caliber body of work has earned him several major journalism awards, including multiple Emmy awards.

However, perhaps the most noteworthy (and relevant) of Cooper’s many accomplishments took place just last year, when he moderated the second debate of the 2016 United States presidential election. He and co-moderator Martha Raddatz had no problem throwing sharp questions at both the Democratic and Republican candidate.  In fact, one of those questions unfolded into a heated exchange with Donald Trump over the notoriously lewd comments he made towards women. Even before the debate, Trump publicly expressed the fact that he found Cooper unfit to be moderator, as a consequence of his “biased” beliefs.

Given the outcome of the election, along with the slew of protests and marches that have since taken place, Cooper will have a lot to say about the election and its implications, as well the current state of our country’s politics. In terms of timing, Anderson Cooper’s arrival couldn’t be more optimal, as many of us are currently struggling to find clarity – let alone peace of mind – amid the political and social turmoil that persists in our world today. As members of the Bucknell community, we are presented with the ultimate opportunity to hear an expert in his field speak immediately after one of the most polarizing events in American history. Long story short, you don’t want to miss this one.

Tickets will be distributed at no charge on Tuesday, January 31st, the day of the event, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at both the Weis Center box office and CAP Center. Your Bucknell ID is required, and one individual may request up to two tickets. Lobby opens at 6 p.m., and doors open at 6:45 p.m. for the 7:00 p.m. lecture.

See you there!