Campus Cutie: Lindsey Trusal



Age: 21


Class: 2020


Major: Biology and Classics and Ancient and Mediterranean Studies with a concentration in pre-medical studies.


Why Biology: I chose Biology because I love science and I’m good at it. I also took a Classics class here and really enjoyed it, which is why I decided to double major. 


Hometown: Selinsgrove, PA


Where Would You Live If You Could Live Anywhere: Greece


Favorite Spot at Bucknell: Willard Smith Library


Favorite Place to Eat in Lewisburg/Selinsgrove: Fuji


Favorite Class: Medical Anthropology


Favorite Professor: Professor Baker and Professor Knisley


What Do You Participate In: COO of Kappa Alpha Theta, Residential Advisor for First Years, Teaching Assistant for Biology, Research Assistant, Volunteer at Geisinger, I work at Wilson and Ross downtown as well. 


Six Words That Describe You: Loyal, Kind, Smart, Hardworking, Dedicated, Thoughtful.


Favorite Hobby: Hiking and anything outdoors.


Tell us about the adorable dog in your picture: Aww! Her name is Molly, she’s nine and a Golden Doodle. I love her because she always acts like a puppy. Molly’s very active and loves to cuddle. She also runs away a lot but she always comes home :)

Note from writer: Lindsey Trusal is one of the nicest hardworking people I know and I have been lucky to get to know her this year! Any med school would be lucky to have her!