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Campus Cutie: Ian Eric Will

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

Hometown: Mont Vernon, NH
Major: Environmental Studies/Political Science
Class Year: Sophomore

The Basics:

  • Favorite book: Born Standing Up, its Steve Martin’s autobiography
  • Favorite Movie: Either Despicable Me or Sherlock Holmes
  • Favorite Store: County Stores
  • Most Played Song on your ipod: Every Time We Touch by Cascada
  • Favorite Class at Bucknell: International Politics
  • Campus Activities: Club Rugby, Club Lacrosse, SKI TEAM, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Frisbee
  • Campus Posse: Mod 34, PKP Pledge Class 2012, Everyone else that I like
  • General Interests: Interesting Things
  • Little Known Fact: The name of my first stuffed animal was Beary Bear

Girls, Girls, Girls:

  • Relationship: Single
  • What do you look for in a girl: I look for a girl who likes to laugh and can make any awkward situation fun.
  • Female turnoff: I’m not a huge fan of when girls talk shit about other people.
  • Celebrity Crush: The oldest daughter from Modern Family. I don’t know her real name

Best of the Rest:

  • Proudest Accomplishment: Winning the Intramural Soccer Championship (B League)
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years: With any luck, in ten years I will be picking apples off of the trees in my backyard, my dog pressing his head into the side of my leg telling me to take him inside out of the cold.
  • 3 words to describe yourself: Nice, Goofy, Egocentric (just kidding)
Elizabeth is a senior at Bucknell University, majoring in English and Spanish. She was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, always with hopes of one day pursuing a career as a journalist. She worked for her high school paper and continues to work on Bucknell’s The Bucknellian as a senior writer. She has fervor for frosting, creamy delights, and all things baking, an affinity for classic rock music, is a collector of bumper stickers and postcards, and is addicted to Zoey Deschanel in New Girl. Elizabeth loves anything coffee flavored, the Spanish language, and the perfect snowfall. Her weakness? Brunch. See more of her work at www.elizabethbacharach.wordpress.com