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Campus Celeb: Reid Sanchez ’18

Name: Reid Sanchez

Hometown: Towson, MD

Class year: 2018

Major: Mechanical Engineering


What’s your favorite...

...class at Bucknell? UNIV 401: Leadership Theory with Professor Gruver

...spot on campus? The benches right above Freas Hall

...place you've traveled? Patagonia, Chile with Engineering 290

...restaurant on Market Street? Mancini's

...song? It changes everyday but right now probably "Ramble On" by Led Zeppelin

...movie? Whiplash

...book? The Boys in the Boat

...food? Chipolte


What are you involved in on campus?

Right now I am the Undergraduate Executive Intern for the College of Engineering, Co-Chair of the Senior Giving Drive, a Stanford University Innovation Fellow, in Chi Phi, and a photographer for communications.  Previously I was an Orientation Leader, a TEDx organizer, participated in BizPitch, and an E&I House Leader.  

Which person or what event has had the greatest impact on your Bucknell career so far?

No doubt Orientation. It was just a really pivotal point in my Bucknell career and my life.  The people involved in the program have changed my life in so many ways and really shifted the way I think and what I value.  I owe so much to everyone in that program because they continue to bring so much happiness to my life and have helped me learn so much about myself and others in the process.

What has been the greatest surprise of your Bucknell experience?

I’d say the greatest surprise has been how easy its been to learn so much outside of my classes.

As a graduating senior, what will you miss most about Bucknell?

By far the people.  Honestly the one thing I look forward to everyday is seeing so many of the incredible people on this campus because they are what makes every day here amazing for me. I don’t think people realize how big of an impact they can have on somebody’s day or week just by having a friendly conversation, and I love how everyday here I know I’ll see somebody that will make my day great.

If you could give one piece of advice to a first-year student, what would it be?

I think as a first year you see all these amazing upperclass students who have accomplished so much, and its really easy to get into the mindset that you will never accomplish as much as they have.  But in reality, every one of those seniors was once in the same spot as you and it just takes a little passion and drive to get there.  And now as a senior, I look at so many younger students and am so impressed with everything they’re doing that I never would’ve dreamed of doing at their age.  


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