Campus Celeb: Maddie Boone

Class Year: Class of 2018

Hometown: Warren, NJ 

Major: International Relations 



Class: Human Rights with Emek Uçarer 

Spot: Stuck House (Bucknellian office) couches

Place I've traveled: Amsterdam or Montreal. I honestly can’t decide.

Restaurant: Amami, duh.

Song at the moment: Momentum by Don Diablo 

Movie: What’s Your Number? with Anna Faris and Chris Evans 

Book: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Food: Rigatoni Padani from il Corallo Trattoria, NYC


Concert Committee Qs:

1. What is your position on the Concert Committee? What are your responsibilities?

I am the current Concert Committee Chair and I am tasked with organizing meetings, managing our Executive Board, marketing, sales, and pretty much overseeing all things related to the concert. 

2. How do you choose the headliner for the fall concert?

Migos had just won the BET Album of the Year and they are just too popular and too good to pass up. When we got the option to book them, we did. 

3. What role does music play in your life?

Big question. Music is a constant and something that I always love. No matter what mood I am in, there is a song for it. It is not often that I work without headphones in or jump into my car and don’t connect with bluetooth ASAP. I love music and my favorite thing to do in the world is to attend concerts. 

4. If you could have free tickets to see any artist perform live, who would you want to see and why?

For sure the Eagles. I grew up listening to them in every car ride with my parents and siblings and love the memories that their songs bring back. 

5. What is your favorite concert you've seen at Bucknell so far?

Last years concert was my favorite because I was not only impressed that someone so famous (​I almost paid $150 to see ​him perform live) would come and perform at Bucknell, but also by the festival-like nature of the concert. Lil Wayne bringing out his crew and friends made it feel like a more unique concert experience. Also, having the show at Sojka was awesome and I thought it felt a lot more like a intimate show. 

6. As a senior, do you have any advice for first-years (about anything)?

Bucknell is a small enough university to truly be involved in multiple areas on campus. Get involved with clubs that you love and not just with clubs that might seem to boost your resume. Any involvement is good involvement, but if you are truly interested in something you will go above and beyond to succeed at it.