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Original photo by Kendall Garnett

CAMPUS CELEB: Kendall Garnett

The Basics...

Name: Kendall Garnett 

Year: 2022

Hometown: Forest Hill, MD

Major: Biology and Spanish


Kendall's Favorite...

Movie: Clueless

TV Show: Élité

Song:  Wouldn’t Leave by Kanye West (every song on ye honestly)

Book: The Great Gatsby

Food Place in Lewisburg: Siam

Spot on Campus:  The Grove

Campus Involvement: Panhellenic Council, HerCampus, Biology TA, Biology Research Assistant


Kendalls Involvement in Panhellenic Recuritment! 

What is your role in Panhel and how did that role play out during recruitment?  

My role is Vice President of Administration and I focus on managing our budget, managing our calendar/agenda, preparing and sharing correspondence for chapters, working with panhellenic delegates from each chapter, keeping detailed minutes, and keeping track of our files. My main role during recruitment was to make sure we were being transparent with potential new members about the cost of membership, while at the same time working hard on our end to make the cost as low as possible for them. It is definitely still a work in progress and I have so many more ideas I’m working on to do more but the awesome thing is that I don’t have to do it on my own because I can rely on the rest of panhel, our advisor Olivia Libby as well as the individual chapter’s leadership for help.

How did Panhel deal with some of the challenges of virtual recruitment? 

Virtual recruitment was really hard and it was the first time something like this had ever been attempted which makes it even more scary. Our Vice President of Recruitment Francesca Seykora and our Vice President of PR and Recruitment Counselors Caroline Malkin worked really hard with chapters and Gamma Chis to make sure they knew what to expect. Gamma Chi’s really helped and they are an amazing resource for support for the PNM’s and we couldn’t have done it without them. Practicing using the online platform often is what made this possible as well as patience and understanding when mistakes were made. 

What is your favorite part of being on Panhel? 

My favorite part about panhel is the friendships I’ve formed and the leadership skills I’ve developed! All of the women on Panhel are amazing and really strong and dedicated people. They are really supportive and we all encourage each other to be the best we can possibly be! Collaborating with them has taught me to do things differently and really value teamwork and I am a better leader because of it. Ally, Lindsey, Francesca, Maddie, Natalie, Caroline and I are all very different but we work very well together and have overcome obstacles such as coronavirus and going remote. We have put countless hours into our positions and we always do what we believe is right even if it's hard and I’m thankful for everything they do. 

What advice would you give for someone wanting to take on your role in recruitment next year? 

Ask for help! Usually asking for help is seen as a weakness but it's not at all. I think the most powerful people are those who aren't afraid to ask for assistance when they need it. Also, follow your gut! I used to let fear keep me from trying new ideas, but I realized I got into this role to strengthen my leadership skills and help women on this campus. The worst that will happen is that your plan didn’t work out, and in that case you have learned something to change next time and you will be better and smarter because of it.



Isobel Lloyd

Bucknell '21

New York ~ Bucknell 
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