Campus Celeb: Jen Borowka

Name: Jen Borowka

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Chappaqua, NY

Fun fact: I accidentally ran the New York Half Marathon

Favorites food place in Lewisburg: Toninos 

What would you want your Bucknell superlative to be?: Spunkiest 

Favorite show to binge on Netflix?: The Office 


1. What is your role in creating MyVoice?

I am the Undergraduate Executive Intern in the Office of the Dean of Standards and work directly with Dean Badal on the survey. My role is mainly to market the survey and encourage students to take it.


2. What is MyVoice? What is the purpose?

MyVoice is a student experience survey that asks students about different aspects of their life outside the classroom.  It’s purpose is to give students an opportunity to give feedback to the administration about the challenges and positives of their Bucknell experience and provide data to support change on campus.


3. How can taking the survey help students? The administration? 

Taking the survey helps students by allowing them to have an active voice in the future of the school. The feedback students give in the survey will directly impact how the school enacts the new strategic plan.  The survey is very helpful to the administration because it gives them unfiltered feedback that they otherwise may not receive. By taking the survey, students will benefit from new initiatives and programming that will directly address their concerns.


4. Is there anything you would like the Bucknell community to know about MyVoice that they don’t already?

The administration actually does listen to the feedback they receive from MyVoice!  For example, based on the results from the previous launch of the survey three years ago, the school increased alcohol and sexual misconduct education and training, added new health and wellness services, enhanced dining options to better accommodate those with dietary restrictions and allergies, and created more social opportunities and student event programing!