Campus Celeb: Camillo Lazarczyk

Meet the winner of this year's Biz Pitch competition, Camillo Lazarczyk!

The Basics

Name: Camillo Lazarczyk 

Class Year: 2021

Hometown: Whitehouse Station NJ

Major: Markets Innovations and Design, and theater


Your Favorite...

Class at Bucknell: I actually like all of my classes from Jazz dance to MGMT 102

Spot on Campus: On the quad above Freas hall looking out towards the gym

Place You've Traveled To: Disney World is definitely one of them but also any where with nature 

Restaurant on Market Street: Amami 

Song at the Moment: Waiting For Superman

Movie: Les Miserables

Book: Station Eleven

Food: Tacos 


Biz Pitch Qs

Where did the idea for Shoulder Savior come from?

The idea came from watching my hockey teammates use a pool noodle and duck tape to create a make shift accessory that would fit their need while carrying their heavy equipment bags. I then went on to create a manufactured product that would solve this need and others. 

How do you balance starting your own business with being a Bucknell student?

I am very busy but I like doing everything I do and wouldn't trade it for anything. I make sure to make use of any time I get to make progress on my buisness and to use this time efficiently with set goals for each period of time. Instead of messing around on my computer, I work on managing my buisness but when you enjoy what you doing it doesn't feel like work at all and I enjoy it as much as I would watching Netflix.

Describe your Biz Pitch experience.

Biz Pitch was an amazing experience which was not exclusive to the final event day. The journey of being motivated to build my buisness with the support and advice from the SBDC and alumni was part of this amazing experience. Standing up in front of the judges delivering my pitch was an amazing feeling as I got share with them my passion for this business. Once it was announced I had one, it's hard to explains how I felt but it was amazing and I was so glad that my hard work had payed off.

How will the Biz Pitch win allow you to take Shoulder Savior to the next level?

This BizPitch win is the start of a great future for Shoulder Savior. The money will go into enabling us to purchase our product from a new distributor at a higher volume so that we may bring our costs down and sell to large distributors. The connections I have made with alumni, their support and advice as well as that of the SBDC staff, the resources, and the opportunities I now have access to will all enable me to bring Shoulder Savior into new markets with more variety and customization. I am hoping to expand Shoulder Savior significantly as we move ahead. 

What advice would you give to students with an interest in entrepreneurship?

For anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship, I would say to engage with the various opportunities for listening to speakers on campus and beyond. Think of a problem you or someone you know faces and see if you can come up with a simple solutions that is tangible and wouldn't require a huge investment to bring to life. If you have an idea go after it. You'll never know what you can do if you never give it a shot. Entrepreneurship is about trying trying and trying again so don't be afraid of failure but be excited for the next idea.