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Bucknell Senior Year Bucket List

Nicole Yeager 

  1. Watch the sun rise & set on the same day — Everyone knows that Lewisburg sunsets can be the most beautiful. After an especially rough day, there’s nothing better than taking some time to relax and watch the colors move across the sky over the quad. However, unless you’ve pulled an all-nighter (which isn’t too unlikely) or are an athlete who has had to wake up at ungodly hours, you probably haven’t seen the sun rise in Lewisburg. This is your official challenge to watch the sun rise (either wake up super early or stay up all night—that part’s up to you) and set on the same day…you better pick a good one!
  1. Try something new in the Bison — As much as we’ve all complained about the food, a small part of me is going to miss the Bison (or, moreso the workers). Where else am I going to get an overpriced, but made-with-love, chicken tender wrap or my breakfast sandwich on Sunday mornings? We all have our list of go-to options. This is the year to try something new at the Bison! Did you know they have meatball parm subs? 
  1. Actually attend a campus event — It seems like every week and weekend the campus is buzzing with a new exhibit at the Samek or a performance at the Weis Center or…West African Drumming…BMZ Shows…and so much more! But how many of these events have you actually gone to? I should mention that they’re always free for students and they sometimes offer free drinks if you’re 21! 
  1. Explore Bertrand — We all know Bertrand library (a.k.a. “The Lib”) as the-place-that-sucks-the-soul-out-of-us and I know we’re all devastated by the courtyards disappearing, but there is SO MUCH more in that library that I bet you haven’t seen. The next time you need a study break, explore a little—get lost in the stacks, find rooms you’ve never seen before, and truly appreciate Bertrand! (I think I once saw tiny private study cubicles, but maybe I was just hallucinating). 
  1. Quad sit for an entire day — Ah yes, the infamous quad sit. After the emptiness of last semester, it seems like the entire campus has discovered a newfound love for the Malesardi Quadrangle (a.k.a. “The Quad”). If you’re anything like me, quad sits occur during the hour breaks between classes and running around to various other meetings, jobs, study sessions, etc. But here’s the thing: it’s your senior year. I challenge you to quad sit for an entire day, because one day soon you won’t be able to anymore (*insert sadness*).
  1. Step on all the seals — While you’re on the quad…do me a favor and step on that seal right in the middle with both feet. At this point, it’s pretty likely you’re going to graduate; otherwise, let’s see if the myth is true. Sidenote: has anyone else been walking right over it the entire time? No? Just me?
  1. Walk through the gates one last time — I mean, I had to. Are you feeling emotional yet? 
Nicole Yeager

Bucknell '22

Nicole is a senior writer majoring in Literary Studies and Psychology with minors in Arts Entrepreneurship and Social Justice. She spends most of her time on campus finding new places to read, drinking vanilla lattes, and sending emails. She believes HerCampus is a great platform for college women to express their unique thoughts and experiences in a fun way.