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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

Do you love Bucknell but also want to experience the Mr./Ms. Worldwide lifestyle? Or do you want to study abroad but you still want some aspects of the Bucknell atmosphere? Bucknell currently offers over fifteen of its own study abroad programs in a variety of different countries. Many also have a Bucknell professor come with you to explore the new atmosphere. The following is an overview of the current “Bucknell In” programs that include the deadlines, dates, credits the course fulfills, and thoughts on the experience from a fellow Bucknellian in HerCampus in a couple.

Full Semester/Year

  • Bucknell en España (Fall 2020, Deadline: 01/31/2020)

    • Bucknell en España has a Bucknell faculty member lead a group of students to Granada, where they live with a host family selected for them. The program is affiliated with the Universidad de Granada and its Centro de Lenguas Modernas, where students enroll in courses from a variety of disciplines. Universidad de Granada, one of the most highly regarded in Spain, is home to more than 50,000 students, and the university affords Bucknell students the opportunity to interact with their Spanish peers. 

  • Bucknell en France (Fall 2020, Deadline: 01/31/2020)

    • Bucknell en France is located in Tours, a prosperous and culturally rich city situated in the very heart of France, 150 miles southwest of Paris. It is administered by the Bucknell French faculty in cooperation with the Université François Rabelais in Tours. Each semester, a Bucknell professor-in-residence, supported by a permanent program coordinator in Tours, accompanies 10 to 17 Bucknell students. The students live with host families, take courses in a wide variety of disciplines, go on excursions, participate in cultural and athletic activities in the city, and travel on their own during vacations.

  • Bucknell in Athens (Spring 2021, Deadline: 09/10/2020)

    • Courses:

      • Greece Today: Athens in Cinema

        • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities Learning Goals, Arts and Humanities, Global Connections, Writing Level 2

      • CLAS 250: Heroines and Heroes: Ancient Greek Tragedies on Stage and Screen

        • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities Learning Goals, Arts and Humanities, Global Connections

      • CLAS 250: Archaeology of Ancient Greece

        • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities, EGHU

      • CLAS 250: Sport, Competition and Spectacle in Ancient Greek Society

        • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities, EGHU

      • UNIV 200: Culture and Issues in Contemporary Greece (Required)

        • Fulfills: Global Connections, Environmental Connections

      • CLAS 150: Beginning Modern Greek

        • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities, EGHU, Foreign Language

  • Bucknell in China (Spring 2021, Deadline: 09/10/2020)

    • This program is associated with the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

  • Bucknell in London (Fall 2020, Deadline: 01/31/2020)

    • Courses:

      • UNIV 200: Healthy Living: Caring for Bodies, Minds & Souls in Great Britain (Core Course)

        • Fulfills: Integrated Perspectives

      • Electives

        • RELI 224: Global Religions & the Politics of Pluralism

          • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities Learning Goals, Arts and Humanities, Global Connections

        • UNIV 294: Technology and the Evolution of Britain

          • Fulfills: Natural Science and Mathematics Learning Goals, Natural Science and Mathematics

        • THEA 264/ENLS 289: Theater in London/Studies in Dramatic Literature

          • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities Learning Goals, Arts and Humanities

        • ECON 222/POLS 221: Political Economy of the European Union

          • Fulfills: Social Science

        • HIST 247: History of London

          • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities

        • UNIV: Environmental Studies and Sustainability in London

          • Fulfills: Environmental Connections

  • Bucknell in Ghana (Spring 2021, Deadline: 09/10/2020)

    • Class: The Politics of Development in West Africa: Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire 

    • Fulfills: Global Connections


Summer (2 weeks-2 months)

  • Bucknell in Barbados (2020, Deadline: 02/01/2020)

    • Dates: 05/12/2020-06/01/2020

    • Class: ECON 266: Political Economy of the Caribbean

    • Fulfills: ECON 200-level elective, Global Connections

    • Bucknell Her Campus Writer Thoughts: “If you love the warm Caribbean weather, going to the beach, and are interested in exploring a different economic system, this experience is perfect for you. We stayed at a hotel where we would have two lectures a day and always went to the beach right after. After the first few lecture classes, the lectures were mostly done by a variety of guest speakers that covered things such as how the Caribbean countries significantly grew, Rastafari culture, and the Caribbean education system. The workload included a few readings followed by short quizzes towards the beginning, a take home exam towards the end, and a research paper following the trip. Some excursions included taste-testing rum, trying sugar through its different steps in its process (sugar cane, molasses), and hiking. One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting an elementary school; the kids and I would sing famous hits like “Old Town Road,” and they loved showing off their dance moves.”

  • Bucknell in Nazareth (2020, Deadline: 02/01/2020)

    • Dates: 05/19/2020-06/17/2020

    • Class: ARBC 220 – Transformations of Identities: The Arab Minority in Israel

    • Fulfills: Arabic Studies elective, Global Connections

  • Bucknell in New Orleans (2020, Deadline: 02/01/2020)

    • Dates: 05/18/2020-06/05/2020

    • Class: UNIV 266 – New Orleans in Twelve Movements

    • Fulfills: Integrated Perspectives

  • Bucknell in South Africa (2020, Deadline: 11/15/2019)

    • Dates: 05/18/2020-06/11/2020

    • Class: Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development (MGMT, PSYC, ECON, or IP)

    • Fulfills: Global Connections, Engineering Global and Societal Perspectives, Social Science, Engineering Social Science

    • Bucknell Her Campus Writer Thoughts: “The best kind of person to go on this trip with is someone who is open minded, compassionate and adventurous. The culture in South Africa is very different and can be a bit of a shock as the people are a lot more lax and do things the “African” way. Some of the excursions include shark cage diving and hikes. Half of the workload is class and the other half is an internship. Most of the classwork is completed before leaving for South Africa and there is a paper due on the plane. The classes are mostly lectures and the internship involves making a business plan that helps local businesses and involves a lot of creativity. I think the best part is really just getting to sit down and talk to local people as you learn so much about their experiences that helps you to appreciate everything you have and be more compassionate to other realms of life.”

  • Bucknell in France – Tasting in France (2020, Deadline: 11/15/2019)

    • Dates: 05/15/2020-06/04/2020

    • Class: UNIV 209 – Tasting France

    • Fulfills: Integrated Perspectives, Environmental Connections, Global Connections

  • Bucknell in the Cote d’Ivoire (2020, Deadline: 02/01/2020)

    • Dates: 05/13/2020-06/10/2020

    • Class: POLS 270 – Politics of Sustainable Development: The Past, Present, and Future

    • Fulfills: POLS elective, Social Science Learning Goal, Global Connections

  • Bucknell on the Camino de Santiago (2020, 11/30/2019)

    • Dates: 05/10/2020-06/05/2020

    • Class: Pilgrims, Tourists and the Modern World 

  • Bucknell in Greece (2020, Deadline: 02/01/2020)

    • Dates: 05/13/2020-05/31/2020

    • Class: UNIV 200 – Geology & Ancient Greece: Water, Stone, and Sea

    • Fulfills: Integrated Perspectives, Lab Science, Natural Science and Math (Learning Goal), Arts and Humanities (Learning Goal), Environmental Connections

  • Bucknell in Dublin – Summer Internship Program (2020, Deadline: 02/01/2020)

    • Dates: 06/07/2020-08/02/2020

    • Class: History, Memory, and Imagination in Irish Literature and Culture + 8-week business internship

    • Fulfills: Arts and Humanities, Global Connections

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