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Best Twitter Handles to Follow

Looking for some new Twitter accounts to follow? Look no further!


Twitter bio:  “Shopping. Writing. Watching television. Usually simultaneously.  Eventually one of my tweets will offend you. Consider this a preemptive apology”

@Possessionista is both insightful and witty, providing a lot of entertainment for your Twitter feed.  She is a fashion blogger who tweets where you can find different fashion pieces, whether it was worn by a celeb on the Red Carpet or at the grocery store, or seen on TV worn by actresses during TV shows like “The Carrie Diaries,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Revenge,” or “New Girl.”  She also live tweets HIGHlarious commentary during TV shows, making the shows more entertaining to watch.  In my opinion, she is best at live tweeting “The Bachelor;” she blatantly says what we’re all thinking but no one wants to say. 


Twitter bio: “Idk man, I just love food. <3 Follow me for the sexiest photos of food!”

This Twitter handle is exactly what it sounds like…pictures of the most amazing food you can think of.  Every picture will make your mouth water and leave you craving something sweet!


Twitter bio: “Get the latest, breaking celebrity news only on E! News weeknights at 7pm & 11:30 pm and 24/7 at @eonline!”

Get the latest and greatest celebrity gossip and news by following @Enews!  You’ll be the first to know anything about pop culture before your friends do just by following this Twitter handle.


Twitter bio: “Bringing you breaking news, the biggest moments from CNN TV, and the stories and videos gaining attention on CNN.com and social media”

Don’t have time to read the newspaper or full news articles? The @CNN Twitter account is perfect for you! Get little snippets of current events that will keep you up to date on what is going on in the world and outside of “the bubble.” 


Twitter bio: “Humor Tailored for Men”

Don’t let the name fool you, ladies.  @MensHumor is one of the funniest Twitter handles I follow.  You definitely do not need to be a man to understand this humor.  Disclaimer: some of their Tweets might seem slightly crude and offensive.  However, it is all in good fun and they are seriously funny.  You can also follow @WomensHumor, but I personally think @MensHumor is funnier.


Twitter bio: “The #1 Fact Site.  For more facts, follow: @OMGFactsSex @OMGFactsCelebs @OMGFactsAnimals @OMGFactsSports @OMGFactsTech”

Follow @OMGFacts and you will always be entertained when you read the most random and shocking facts.  I guarantee your jaw will drop a few times when you read about a fact you don’t believe is true…but it is.  Here are examples of some: “@OMGFacts: The first cough drops were developed by the Egyptians 3000 years ago and were made of honey, herbs, spices, and citrus fruits” OR “@OMGFacts: During pregnancy, some women turn the toilet seat purple! Learn why and how àomgf.ac/ts/BZ0.”


Twitter bio: “TONIGHT ON ‘GIRLS’ is written by @SamGrittner **This account is no way affiliated with the superb show**”

@TonightOnGIRLS is hysterical.  They tweet fake scenarios of what is coming up on the next episode of HBO’s GIRLS and each scenario is mocking (and yet very fitting to) each character.  Here is an example “TONIGHT ON ‘GIRLS’: Hannah only talks to books; Jessa drinks embalming fluid until she can control time; Adam cheats on Hannah with a barrel.” Obviously this episode would never happen, but can’t you see each character doing something like that?!


Twitter bio: “Bucknell University’s branch of HerCampus.com—A Collegiette’s guide to life!”

This one is self-explanatory.  You should all follow @HCBucknell immediately and get all of the latest updates of our WONDERFUL articles written by our FABULOUS staff on Her Campus Bucknell! FOLLOW NOW; THIS IS THE BEST ONE. 

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