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Best Celeb Halloween Costumes this Year

Halloween is the one day of the year where anyone has an excuse to steal and become someone else’s identity (or even an object’s identity) and by anyone, I mean celebrities included! As our favorite holiday ends, let’s reminisce on the collection of identities that the most famous celebrities have taken for the special occasion:


Classic and Wild Riverdale Stars:

Our favorite Riverdale cast boys KJ Apa and Charles Melton put the cat suits on while our favorite best friend duo of Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart dressed as Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite.


Kendall Jenner brings the Casamigos Halloween Party to Life:

Kendall showed off her Fembot look from the first Austin Powers film series.


G-Eazy feeling Two-Faced:

The star rapper dressed as one of Batman’s’ star villains.


Our Favorite Netflix Stars Go Animated:

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star Noah Centineo dressed as Gaston picks up 13 Reasons from Why star Ross Butler as Wolverine and none of us can handle how much we love this picture.


Cutest Gets Even Cuter:

World Famous John Legend dresses as Prince Charming while his adorable daughter Luna dresses as a princess.


Curly Gone Back in Time:    Our curly headed One Direction star Harry Styles known for his music now decides to go back in time and be Elton John, and he is totally rocking it.


Switching Parts:

Joe Jonas decides to switch roles and become his fiancé’s (Sophie Turner) character Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.


From Stars on the Stage to Stars on the Field:

The infamous couple of Beyoncé and Jay-Z dressed up as track stars. Although Beyoncé has said that she practices for concerts by singing while running on the treadmill so she could probably be an actual track star if she wanted to…


Feeling like a Rock star:

World famous Rita Ora pulls off the best Post Malone look that one couldn’t even tell it was her. She definitely worked so hard on this costume that she forgot how to vacation.


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