8 Fun Ideas for Dates in Lewisburg

Tired of spending date nights sitting in the Bison? Spending too much time in the library and not enough time with your significant other? Looking for fun date ideas? We are here to share some exciting and different ideas for Bucknell couples looking to get off campus and enjoy everything Lewisburg has to offer!


1. Brunch

Downtown Lewisburg is full of fun brunch places that would be perfect for a Sunday morning date. Amami, All Star Bagel, and Bare Bowls are all really great brunch spots within walking distance of campus. If you are willing to drive a little further, the Kind Café in Selinsgrove is also a perfect option.

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2. Hike

All around Bucknell are some of the most beautiful hiking trails Central Pennsylvania has to offer. While the weather is still nice, get out there and explore!


3. Bowling

Bowling at the Lewisburg Lanes is a fun way to get off campus and participate in a fun activity.

4. Dinner

Whether you are looking for a casual meal or a fancy dinner, there are plenty of restaurants in Lewisburg to fit whatever type of food or atmosphere you are looking for. Mercado Burrito, Sushihanna, Ard’s Farm, and Siam are all great options in downtown Lewisburg!


5. Rail Trail

If you are feeling more active, go check out the rail trail! Whether you want to walk, bike, or jog with your significant other, the rail trail is the perfect option. After being recently redone, the rail trail can take you all over Lewisburg and it starts within walking distance of campus.  


6. Athletic Event

If you aren’t feeling up for leaving campus, go show your school spirit at an athletic event! No matter the sport, athletic events are always exciting, high energy, and a guaranteed good time.


7. Campus Theater

The Campus Theater is always playing interesting movies and is also a really cool historic building.

8. Ice Cream

Going out for ice cream is always a good option. Even though the Freez is closed for the season, you can still grab ice cream at the Purple Cow or Tastecraft.

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