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7 Ways to Stay Close With Your High School Best Friends

When you go to college, it’s easy to get caught up in the bubble of your campus.  Life outside of Lewisburg might seem distant right now.  However, it’s always essential to keep in touch with friends from home.  They’re the people we’ve grown up with.  They’ve seen you in your most awkward stages, when you wore the worst outfits and dated the strangest people.  They’ve seen you cry, and they always offered a shoulder to lean on.  They’re the people that know you the best, and that’s why it’s so important to keep reminding them how much they mean to you.  During freshmen year it is especially essential to keep in close contact with these girls because you’re still adjusting to a new life away from home.  Here are 7 ways to show your ladies from home a little extra love.

  1. Keep the group chat alive.  Whenever you have any relevant news or just feel like checking in, text your big group chat from home!  Although this may seem minimal, it keeps up daily conversation and allows for your friends to know what’s relevant in your life despite the fact that you’re not all together.  

  2. Send a care package.  There’s nothing better in college than getting a care package.  Getting a notification from the mail center saying, “YOU HAVE A PACKAGE!” makes anyone’s day.  Send your friends a nice treat to remind them of how much you care about them.  

  3. Start a Snapchat streak.  Even if you’re just sending double chin selfies all day, at least you’re keeping up face-to-face communication.  Snapchat streaks are pretty essential and heart-breaking to lose, so you’ll definitely be talking to your friends from home every day if you start up some streaks.

  4. Plan ahead.  If a long break is coming up, plan to go away with your friends from home or just to spend time with them.  This will help to keep up communication and it will make you look forward to going home to see your ladies.

  5. Tell them when you’re thinking about them.  I feel like I always tell funny stories about my friends from home to my friends from school.  The next time you’re reminiscing about your shenanigans from high school, let your friends know!  It’s always fun to relive the memories.  

  6. Make time for one another.  When at school, it’s really easy to forget to keep up with life off of campus.  But you have to make time to maintain these relationships!  Therefore, set aside a time when you can give your friends from home a call or FaceTime to catch up with each other.  Communication is key to long distance relationships.

  7. Go visit!  Obviously the best way to keep in touch with your friends is to actually go hang out with them!  Visiting another college is so much fun and means the world to the person you’re visiting.  It’s a great opportunity to see the culture of another school.  Plus it’s always good to check out who your best friends have been hanging out all throughout the school year!

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