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5 Ways to Seem Like You Have Your Life Together

  1. Clean Your Desk

A million and one inspirational speakers have preached about making your bed. And yes, although I do think this is important, I doubt that any of those inspirational speakers had fifteen decorative pillows. Instead, focus on organizing your desk. If you work in your room, your desk is probably the thing you look at most. Cleaning some dishes, organizing your textbooks, and picking up the 3 N95s that you definitely have laying out will help you declutter your mindset and let you focus on the work at hand.

  1. Meditate

Talk about decluttering your mindset, now is the perfect time to start meditating. I know you’re probably thinking that you’re super behind on readings, you’re studying for that upcoming test, and you haven’t done laundry in ages. Meditation feels like something you should start later. Actually, taking ten minutes to clear your racing mind and focus your energy will help you to better concentrate on these tasks. Spotify is the perfect place to find quick ten minute guided meditations that make picking up the habit simple. Try starting with a walking meditation on your way to class; it will make the steps up from the Gateways feel a lot shorter. 

  1. Learn How to Use “Schedule Send”

“Schedule Send” is by far one of the greatest discoveries I have ever made. Have you ever constructed the perfect email to a professor only to realize it’s 2:30am? Me too. Don’t risk waking up your professor with a loud notification or revealing your poor sleep schedule. Instead, press the arrow next to the send button and choose Schedule Send. Now, you can have your email arrive bright and early at 8:00am! This is how I have tricked all my professors and classmates into thinking I am, in fact, the kind of person who wakes up early and responds to emails.

  1. Put a Couple Extra Minutes Into Your Look

This tip is vague on purpose. Everyone has something they do that makes them feel a little extra cute in the morning. Maybe for you it’s adding a few accessories to your outfit, drawing on winged eyeliner, or curling your hair. The point is, do it. Feeling confident in your appearance will give you the motivation you need to ace that presentation, lead that discussion, or meet up with that cute guy from Tinder (okay maybe not that far).  

  1. Get Outside 

You’ve done it! You cleaned your room, you made your bed like the motivational speaker told you to, and you put on your cutest pair of earrings. Now, it is time to take this show on the road! It can be so tempting, especially on a cold February day of classes, to retreat to your room and put on a cozy pair of sweats. Although everyone needs days like this, it’s equally important to spend some time on campus. Treat yourself to a coffee break, meet up with a friend for lunch, or discover a new study spot. You’ll be feeling refreshed in no time.

Susie Williams

Bucknell '23

Susie is a junior at Bucknell, majoring in Literary Studies and Russian. She believes in living fearlessly; well, almost fearlessly. Ceiling tiles and basketballs make her nervous. Susie plans to pursue a career in International Law.
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