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5 Wardrobe Pieces You Can (and Should) Thrift for

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

Collegiates, do you want to save money, be original and reduce your environmental impact? If so, you’re in luck: all three of these options are possible at your local thrift store. Thrifted clothing is typically a fraction of the cost of its retail counterparts and boasts much more flair than anything that can be bought at the mall. Additionally, thrift shopping produces less waste than regular shopping; wearing a secondhand article of clothing equates to one less item being manufactured, thereby reducing waste. Thrifting is also more environmentally friendly than shopping online, as it does not generate pollution from being shipped miles and miles away. Below are five items that are worth buying secondhand:

Any and every flannel shirt. When the weather starts to turn in the fall, there is nothing quite as cozy as a flannel. At retail prices, these shirts can cost upwards of $50. Fortunately, thrift stores typically offer better selections of charming, broken-in flannels for just a few dollars apiece. (Bonus points for shopping in the men’s section.)



Those “it” jeans. Face the facts – mom jeans are in. Regardless of how unconventional they may look in comparison to the jeggings you know and love, mom jeans, characterized by their roomy fit and high waist, are even more comfortable than any other denim on the market. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a new pair of jeans that tries to mimic the original 90s trend, or you can get bona fide, recycled mom jeans from a thrift store. You can wear them as they come, or try distressing the knees with scissors and a pumice stone for an added edge.



Your next Super Saturday outfit. Every Saturday, Bucknellians step out in their freshest fashions to congregate in the backyards of downtown Lewisburg. Consider how rarely, if ever, Bucknellians re-wear their Super outfits. If you insist on wearing something new each weekend, stop wasting your money on designer vests and jeans and try to find something quirky to wear from the thrift store. Among the racks upon racks of eye-catching pieces, you’re bound to find some type of dress, skirt, or top just waiting to be brought back to life.

Oversized sweaters. Depending on the style, these can pair perfectly with anything from a trusty pair of leggings to a trendy pair of throwback jeans. Especially at this time of year, thrift stores have an overwhelming stock of sweaters in various cuts, colors and styles. Always feel the inside of the sleeves for softness before committing to a particular sweater, but don’t be afraid to explore – you might find a pullover that perfectly channels your inner Chandler Bing.

Halloween costume pieces. As fun as they may appear in catalogs and online, store-bought Halloween costumes tend to be poorly made and overpriced. This year, try perusing Pinterest for a creative idea that you can mimic with thrifted clothes and accessories. Not only will you be more comfortable, but also your costume will be more memorable and fun – think of it as an instant conversati

What's up Collegiettes! I am so excited to be one half of the Campus Correspondent team for Bucknell's chapter of Her Campus along with the lovely Julia Shapiro.  I am currently a senior at Bucknell studying Creative Writing and Sociology.