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5 Things to Avoid While PMS-ing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

We all know that the men out there think we are too emotional when it is that special time of the month… Putting on clothes in the morning is a struggle itself with unfortunate cramps and hormone issues. Well, if these men are right about how emotional we get, here are things you shouldn’t do while on your period…

1.     Boys, Boys, Boys…


Avoiding the men might be in your best interest if you are a single lady out there. You don’t want to scare any guys off by your high temper, and of course, for obvious reasons…

2.     Pizza Phi and Domino’s


Unless you ran a marathon that day, you might want to delete Pizza Phi and Domino’s from your contact list during your time of the month…. Or else you are just going to keep shoving that wonderful greasy cheese pizza smeared in ranch dressing left and right. Trust me girlfriends, it is for your own good.

3.     Avoid being around your parents

We all know how we sometimes get with our parents when we aren’t PMSing; just imagine how you can get with them while you are… Your parents won’t tolerate your sassy attitude.

4. Homecoming Videos


Every girl loves to watch a good homecoming video; we don’t know why, we just do. Except, when it is that time of the month, please avoid watching them… you don’t want to scare off your roommate.


5.     Using Your Phone


You pick up your phone too look at your Instagrams, and the next thing you know, you are texting your ex… Or sending a sassy text to your friend. It is not our fault, though! When you are on your period, the blame can be placed on Mother Nature.