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5 Steps to Staying in Touch

Chances are either you or your best pal is going abroad this upcoming semester. Both of you may be getting some preemptive separation anxiety. If it’s you who’s doing the leaving, you not only have your friends to say goodbye to, but your family, too. But don’t fear! Her Campus Bucknell has come up with 5 easy ways to make sure you don’t lose touch with your loved ones. 

1. Schedule phone calls and Skype dates

The best way to stay in touch is with live communication. Whether it’s on the phone, through Skype, FaceTime, etc., hearing each other’s voices will make it feel like you’re together again. Plus, it’s the fastest way to get up to speed with what’s going on at home and to share all of your fabulous stories. If your best friend is overseas, you’re going to want to hear rather than read all of the details from her foreign escapades.


2. Share pictures

Sharing pictures is a great way to stay in touch that isn’t so time sensitive. Your family and friends WANT to see what you’re up to, so don’t be afraid to post every picture from that wild safari in South Africa to the view from your apartment window in Copenhagen. Starting a blog is a great way to document all of your trips and adventures, but Facebook is just as effective. If you’re at Bucknell for the spring, make sure to upload all of your pictures from those Super Saturdays and formals so your pals can see what you’re up to as well!


3. Keep constant communication with iMessage and WhatsApp

Modern technology is awesome. With WiFi access increasing internationally, anyone with a smartphone can communicate instantly despite the oceans dividing him or her. IPhone users can text via iMessage and all other smartphone users can use WhatsApp.


4. Send plenty of email and snail mail

Although tools like Skype and iMessage are great for instant conversation, it may be tough to use with the time difference. Sending emails and even traditional letters are ways to summarize everything that’s been going on in your life since you or your friends have been gone. Facebook and blogs are also great for documenting all of your adventures. Writing down your experiences will not only help your family and friends keep up with you, but it also preserves the memories for yourself.

5. Plan a visit!

Two words: spring break! If you start planning now, chances are you can find some reasonable flights for you or your friend to visit during break. They can crash with you or stay in a hostel. What better way to experience your friend’s abroad life? Plus, it makes for an adventurous vacation for you.

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