5 Shows to Binge-Watch Right Now

Proceed with caution: the following shows are highly addictive. HerCampus is not liable for any procrastinated time.


The Bold Type

Inspiring is an understatement. After watching this show, you will want to move to NY in a heartbeat and pursue all your hopes and dreams. The main characters in this show are true girl bosses themselves and know how to get what they want - no matter what it takes (hence, the “bold” type.) Even if you’re laying in your bed, you’ll feel productive watching this show.


The Haunting of Hill House

Dubbed as a ‘spooky ‘This is Us’’, this show is a reimagined Shirley Jackson novel broken up into eight episodes. We hope there’s more to come because it was way too short. Make sure you watch with the lights on. It’s scary right from the beginning and deals with some deep and important issues, so it’s not a light-hearted show.



We love a good comeback, especially if Liz Gillies is involved. Dynasty originally aired in the 80’s and is now back and better. If you enjoy seeing how the filthy rich live, this show is for you. You’ll want to be Liz Gillies but also hate her at the same time. Thank you, Victorious. You really know how to nurture stars.



If you’re a fan of political drama but also love a thrill, this is a must. It’s intense, full of explosions, and keeps you thinking. Robb Stark AKA Richard Madden absolutely kills it in this role, plus he’s easy on the eyes. Think Scandal, but with a dark, gloomy twist, and not just because it’s set in London.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

It’s not #spookyszn anymore but that’s not stopping people from obsessing over this show. It’s dark, it’s funny, and it’s modern. The story follows a witch named Sabrina that struggles to balance her mortal high schooler life and her darker side to her. It’s not too spooky but will give you a chill.