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Zoella X ColourPop’s Brunch Date Collection—My Thoughts on the Controversial Collab

I’m a big fan of Zoe Sugg, and have been a subscriber to her Zoella channel on Youtube for years now. Naturally, I was so excited when she announced her upcoming collab with ColourPop. For those who might not know, Zoe (or Zoella) is a UK influencer who is known for her home and makeup videos, and ColourPop is an affordable, good quality makeup brand based in California. Let’s just say there were only a handful of us who reacted positively to the launch announcement.

I read through a bunch of the comments on ColourPop’s posts surrounding the collab and they were overwhelmingly negative. There were people commenting saying that they didn’t like the collection’s concept, they didn’t like the color story, but mainly, they didn’t like Zoe. Many seemed to think that she wasn’t deserving of the collab because she doesn’t even do many makeup tutorials on her channel, and they were upset by some of her business choices in the past. She was labeled as a scammer, and that message was very prevalent in the response to her collab with ColourPop.

However, on her social media accounts, the response was mainly positive. This makes sense, of course, because those who follow her do so for a reason and are most likely her fans (like me) who support her endeavors. Either way, I was really taken aback by how critical people can be online. It just struck me that so many people would publicly show their dislike of an influencer/creator and make it known that they wished the company had chosen someone ‘better’ in their eyes.

I just want to say... they chose Zoella for a reason. If you go beyond just the makeup and whatever emotional reaction someone might have to ColourPop’s choice, at the end of the day, ColourPop, as a company, made a business decision. Zoe Sugg is a well-known, well-established influencer who already has a large fan base (over 11 million subscribers on her main Youtube channel). If ColourPop is looking to expand their reach to the UK, which they undoubtedly were, it would be incredibly risky to choose a lesser-known creator. Sometimes it’s not always about whether this person is a super talented, budding makeup artist. Sometimes it’s about reaching a greater, different audience and doing what will work for the majority of the parties involved.

Beyond the hype around the launch of the Brunch Date collection, positive or negative, I want to talk about the products. Put my love of Zoe aside and let’s get into whether the actual products are any good!

On launch day, I purchased the ‘PR package’ on ColourPop’s website which cost $89. The PR package doesn’t actually save you any money, but it did come with some super cute stickers. In its totality, the collection has 14 items and includes three matte liquid lipsticks, three lip liners, two liquid eyeshadows, one eyeshadow palette, one blush, one highlighter, two eyeliners, and one makeup bag. The lipsticks come in sets that pair each lipstick with its corresponding liner, and the liquid shadows also come in a paired set as well.

Credit: Elite Daily 

The Must Haves:

If you’re on a budget and only wanna pick up the best items, here’s what I recommend:

My Day Ones BundleThe matte liquid lipstick and the liner in shade Little One are the PERFECT light nude combo. If you’re like me and are always searching for a great nude, this shade is to die for. The matte formula isn’t super drying either and the liner in the same shade is a perfect match.

Brunch Date Pressed Shadow Palette: In my opinion, you can never have too many neutral, brown, or warm eyeshadows. The packaging for this palette is adorable, and although the shades aren’t anything super unique, it’s super wearable for every day. The ColourPop eyeshadow formula is pigmented and easy to blend, plus the blue shade in the color story is just the pop that brings the palette to life.

The Extras:

If you have a little bit of extra cash and wanna treat yo’self, here’s what I’d pick up:

Soul Mate Pressed Powder Blush: This blush is the most beautiful shade of pink, perfect for achieving that rosy-cheeked glow. It has the slightest bit of shimmer that makes it look like you’re glowing from within, and isn’t too pigmented so it’s kind of goof-proof. No clown cheeks here!

Group Hug Bundle: I’d never tried ColourPop’s SuperNova shadow formula before, but after trying these, I’m hooked. The shades look similar in the tube, but one is much more glittery and champagne and the other is more of a vibrant copper. Both are super easy to apply with the applicator when you’re trying for more of a glam look, without the hassle.

Give Us the Goss BundleThis bundle features two great formulas, but it’s the red color that really makes this stand out. Although the lip liner previously existed in ColourPop’s line, it’s still worth it to buy the bundle so you can pair the two together!

If you want a more in-depth look at all of the products; go check out Zoella’s vlog reveal and ColourPop’s swatch video. What do you think? Are you going to pick up anything? Go grab your faves quick, as the Zoella X ColourPop collab is limited edition!


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