Your New Favorite YA Book Based on Your Personality

(Pre-warning: I recently got into Young Adult Novels)

Have you ever wanted to be sucked into a whole new world where you feel as if you are the character? Books that transport you into another world, where you feel as if you experiencing and interacting with that world, are the most powerful stories; but finding this feeling is difficult when you don’t connect with the characters. For me, I can never really enjoy the book when I don’t connect with the characters, so I made this list for you to find your next favorite book — and maybe your next favorite character!


1. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

(This book comes out in three months but there are two prequels; so you have plenty of time to catch up!)

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For the passionate and the strong, fierce warriors

“These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.”

Ok, first things first, swoon.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, a fan of Romeo and Juliet, and love Noah Centineo, then this is right up your alley. This is just a little snippet from the first novel of this trilogy. So if this doesn’t speak to you then move on to the next book. Emma Carstairs, our protagonist, is a strong warrior with a fierce heart. She protects those she loves and will do anything for them. She feels every emotion with every fiber of her being, and that includes having a major temper.


2. A Cruel Prince by Holly Black

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For the witty and the powerful

"Because you’re like a story that hasn’t happened yet. Because I want to see what you will do. I want to be part of the unfolding of the tale."

I should say that within 30 seconds of finishing the book, I needed the sequel — which does not come out until next year. Sigh. But I digress. This story encapsulates my all-time favorite stories of enemies turned friends to sparking a romance. Yes, I said it, I eat that stuff up!

I was captivated by the need to see Jude, the main character, grow into her own and find that she is powerful while still having an inner conflict within herself. I think, at some point in our life, we can all relate to that. This is for the ones who find peace in the thunderstorms and takes pleasure in times alone.


3. Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

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For the geeks at heart

"You can't just like Harry Potter. You have to be balls-out obsessed with it."

In this sequel to Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda, Leah Burke finds that she is having a hard time finding who she is and how she fits into the world. This is for those who have ever felt out of place and only felt like a secondary character in other people’s stories. Also, this is for those who are geeks at heart and love to cuddle up with a good book while drinking hot chocolate.


4. Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco

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For the curious and the courageous

“If you wish to go, I’ll never make you stay. I might not do and say the proper thing all the time, but I do know that I love you enough to set you free.”

I have followed Audrey Rose from the very start of her journey. Audrey is the young teen version of the dearly beloved Sherlock Holmes. She is very adventurous and wants to explore all that the world has to offer. At the same time, she loves a good mystery.


5. A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

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For the curious and rebellious spirit and the straight up Queens!

"Stars flickered around us, sweet darkness sweeping in. As if we were the only souls in a galaxy."

As a hopeless romantic and a fantasy lover, this book is the perfect combination of  the two. I have to admit that I have reread this novel maybe three or four times since its release in May. You may be thinking that I have a lot of free time, but, no, I do not. I don’t sleep… Well, anywho, this book is a gift from the heavens to all Young Adult fantasy lovers, (aka me). Feyre Archeron had to take the role of caring for her family in order to survive. But her life was thrown for a loop when she was thrown into a world unfamiliar to her own...hmmm, sound familiar? *Cough* College *Cough*. Through the span of three books, she has found who she is and that is a powerful, stubborn and compassionate being with a big heart and knack for ruling.


All of these characters have so many qualities that we find in ourselves or admire in others, so I hope this helped you find a character that you can relate to or live vicariously through!


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