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Your Guide To A Weekend Sick Night-In

It’s Friday night and all of your friends have decided to go out for the night. Great plan, right? Except for the fact that you’re stuck at home, sick in bed. Don’t let this get you too down though. Even if you’re not out on the town with your best friends, the night doesn’t have to go to waste. Instead, use this night to give yourself a little R&R.

First and foremost, there are a few necessities to make the best of a sick night-in:

1. Stock up on tissues and keep them an arm’s length away!

2. Cough drops will probably turn into your candy of choice.

3. Tea: a sore throat’s best friend. If you have honey laying around the dorm, that’s an extra bonus to sooth your throat.

4. Canned soup from any grocery store. It won’t stand a chance against your grandma’s homemade recipe, but on a dorm budget it will do the trick.

5. Only your throat that’s bothering you? Then you can’t go wrong with some soothing ice cream!

6. Bundle up with your favorite blankets and pillows. Winter + cozy dorm = perfect match.

7. Most importantly, an endless Netflix selection or a Chick Flick marathon is all the entertainment you’ll need!

Not only will your body thank you for taking care of yourself, but with your favorite movies and comforting remedies, you will have a much better time snuggled up on your sick night-in than you’d think!

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