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The Young Gem: Erin Sacshe

I can recall the day that I was sitting in a PRLab meeting and overheard the other interns talking about Erin Sacshe. She has a unique career path compared to most BU students. The young entrepreneur already has her own successful jewelry business that has been spotted on celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, she has been featured on Entertainment Weekly, and has even sold her products on Anthropologie’s website. I was so intrigued by Erin’s success this early in life and I knew that I had to meet the girl behind the popular, beautiful jewelry.

Erin, now a recent BU grad, has been successfully running her own jewelry business while being enrolled as a full-time college student since her freshman year. The Eriness jewelry collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, body chains, and Daisy Chains. “Daisy Chain” is the term that Erin created when she started making hand chains. The Eriness website reads, “Each Eriness piece embraces precious and semi-precious gems including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, labradorites and smoky quartz with high quality gold and sterling silver.”

Eriness jewelry is super pretty and high quality and there are affordable pieces in the collection. Erin said that it’s important that her friends can wear her jewelry. The Daisy Chains start at $150.

Be sure to check out the gemstone and diamond Daisy Chains online! They are 20% off with the promo codes “Sunshine” for gemstones and “Snow” for diamonds. The sale ends December 4th !  

To learn more about Eriness, visit the new website at www.eriness.com. Connect with Eriness via Instagram: erinessjewelry, Twitter: @erinessjewelry, and Facebook: Eriness.

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