You Have to Listen to This Odd Music Remix

Youtube is a large platform with millions of videos about so many different things. I’m sure everyone has done a Youtube deep dive at one point and found the most random, niche videos. I often use Youtube to find new music, so when Youtube recommended a slowed version of Halsey’s “Colors,” I soon found myself deep in Youtube-created playlists of remixed music.

It may seem weird to listen to a song that’s only been slowed or made to sound like you’re listening to the song from the bathroom at a party. But when listening to the song, you’ll see that while it’s strange, the song sounds really good.


Simply put, the music just hits different.

The edits often give the song a new tone. There are many fast and upbeat songs that become slow and melodic. The new calming tone for many songs make them perfect as background music when you’re studying or doing homework.

For some songs, I honestly think that the remixed version is better. It’s cool to hear the interesting things creators add to the songs. Many add things like rain sounds, reverb, or make it muffled. It completely changes the way you listen to the music.

If you’re looking for new music or a fresh sound for your favorite songs, definitely check out the remixed versions on Youtube.

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