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Yanni Metaxis (CAS ’17)

John Stamos, step aside - BU has its very own Greek cutie on campus. Yanni Metaxis, member of the Dear Abbeys, is about to croon his way into the hearts of BU women. As a CAS sophomore and lover of all things classic, Yanni’s everyday life is filled with his passion for music and his heritage. Not only does he sing in his a capella group, but Yanni also serves as vice-president of the Philhellenis Club, which promotes Greek culture on BU’s campus. 

If you meet Yanni, you’ll realize just how important music is in his life. He began singing at the age of 9 and went on to perform in musicals throughout middle and high school. Yanni has seen a variety of musicals over the years, including one of his favorites: The Lion King. And what girl doesn’t love Disney? None, obviously

Although he performs with The Dear Abbeys during his free time, Yanni has plenty of other interests as well. He gets to embrace his love of sports by reffing intramurals at Fit Rec and also by keeping up with his favorite professional teams (a Mets, Jets, and Knicks fan over here).

Yanni has loved his time at BU so far. He mentions, “I love the opportunities here. And the people. When I say people I mean people who work here, live here, and the students. Everything about the community is very warming.”

Acting as the Philhellenis Club’s VP keeps Yanni busy, but not too busy to take a genuine girl out on a perfect date. If you’re wondering what Yanni has in mind for the typical first date, look no further. “It depends. I’m an old fashioned type of guy, but I also like to keep up with the times. I’d probably go for coffee or lunch. Some place kind of modern or funky as opposed to a fancier date because it is college after all,” says Yanni. “But I’m definitely not opposed to those fancy dinner dates in the future after that first one.” 

Yanni may be from Katownah, NY in Westchester County, but don’t let his New York address fool you. With family living in Greece, he has had the chance to travel there seven times and bring his Greek culture back to his daily American life. It’s no surprise that authentic Greek food is a favorite for Yanni. When asked how his culture influences his life, he says, “the passion of Greece lives with me and it reflects when interacting with women.” Like I said, watch out John Stamos (an idol of Yanni’s, I might add).

Yanni is interested in anyone who he can smile, laugh and share everything with. You’ll catch him around campus singing at plenty of events with the Dear Abbeys, and with the holidays coming up, maybe you can ask Yanni out to watch his favorite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. Who knows - maybe this classic boy will even take you out dancing after.

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