WTF (Where’s The Food?): Redbones

If you ever find yourself in Somerville, look for Redbones. You will find it on a side street of Davis Square, tucked between an Indian restaurant and a residential house. This is one of the only places in Boston you will find authentic Southern food!

I have never eaten authentic Southern food as I have only been to the South once. That was way back when I was five, and I all I remember eating was taquitos and spoonfuls of salsa.

When you walk into the restaurant, the music, people, furnishings, and overall ambiance immediately embrace you.

I am a local to Davis Square (I live in a residential neighborhood right by it!), and I know that the majority of people that go to Redbones are either regulars or locals. However, in the spirit of delicious food, the customers and servers welcome everyone with wide smiles (partly due to the amount of food they are stuffing in their face) and energetic spirits.

The ambiance of the restaurant is just as welcoming as the people.

In the main dining room on the first floor, the light baby blue walls are cluttered with black and white images of Southern old-school restaurants, homes from the 30’s, musicians, and bars.

The wooden tables are covered by green and white picnic sheets and surrounded by wooden chairs covered in dark shamrock green leather. Each table is provided a squeeze bottle of hot barbeque sauce and sweet barbeque sauce.

I have always ordered the pulled pork plate. It comes with your choice of two sides and a few small, shaved pickles. The feeling I get when I bite into the sweet, juicy pulled pork is pure bliss. If you have ever listened to Ed Sheeran perform “In My Life” by the Beatles, you will know the feeling I am talking about.

As much as I love Redbones, I have two complaints. One is about cornbread. When I was younger every table would get a plate of warm cornbread. They no longer give cornbread to the table for free, now you can only order it as a side.

My second complaint is that there are no grits. Grits go so well with pulled pork, baked beans, collard greens, and really all Southern food. It only makes sense that they would have them.

And for those interested in checking out the bar, they have over 25 draft beers at all times. Of those, there is always a small selection of beers that come from local breweries.

You definitely need to go to Redbones this coming winter. It is the perfect comfort food for a dark, cold day. Click here for their menu!

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