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WTF (Where’s the Food?) — Go Nuts for Donuts!

There’s something special about donuts. They are light and sweet and aesthetically pleasing. But the best thing about them is that they are so full of air, which means you could eat ten of them and still be asking for another. And that’s exactly what you will be doing at Blackbird donuts when you are done reading this article.

In my opinion, a “bad donut” isn’t possible, unless it’s been sitting out for too long. However, in the last few weeks I have heard a lot of bad reviews about Dunkin Donuts. And I get it, they are a little too sweet, a little too small, and a little too processed. But they still taste amazing and don’t deserve the bad reputation.  Dunkin has solid donuts.

But then again there are those days when a solid Dunkin’s donut just won’t do. When just pure sweetness doesn’t cut it. And that’s when you need to put some sweatpants on, haul yourself down to Fenway, and go to Blackbird, because they change the donut game.

It’s insane to think about how much flavor fits into one tiny room, where there’s only enough space for ten or so people to stand. There’s no seating inside and space for only six or so people on the outside benches. Even though donuts are a food that you don’t need to be sitting down to eat, it is nice to be able to relax with your cup of coffee and donut and savor every bite.

When we arrived at 11:36 AM the donut I had been eyeing on their website, the Pumpkin Boston Cream Bismarck, was already sold out. After fifteen minutes of deliberation, my friend and I ordered the Cherry Cobbler and the Salted Toffee. They were both amazing!

The Cherry Cobbler was a brioche donut, which basically just means it is fluffy and light and the dough isn’t too sweet. In turn this means that the frosting can be as rich in flavor as possible, since there isn’t any counteracting sweetness from the donut itself. The cherry donut is named for its cherry glaze with brown sugar crumble generously sprinkled on top. I have been counting down the days ’till Thanksgiving, but this donut made me more excited for the holidays, where brown sugar is key ingredient and cherry pie is a given, than any countdown could!

The Salted Toffee donut was made of the same brioche dough (they serve brioche donuts and a denser, cake donut made in the style of tradition cake batter). It was very different than the cherry donut both in texture and flavor. The salty toffee glaze made my mouth water more and more after every bite but there was no combination of textures.

Along with serving donuts, just like insomnia cookies they offer donut ice-cream combos where you can stuff a donut of your choice with chocolate, vanilla, or swirl ice-cream. One of the most popular donut-ice-cream combinations, according to our server, is the apple cider donut (which has the more cake-like consistency) served with vanilla ice-cream.

Blackbird is a great place to go for a light breakfast. It isn’t the place to go if you haven’t eaten all day and want to eat as much food as possible. But I promise that when you leave, you will be on top of the world and craving more. You can check out their menu here!

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