A Witch's Guide to Salem

With Halloween right around the corner, my roommate and fellow Her Campus contributor Elly decided it was the perfect time to take a day trip to Salem. We donned our Hogwarts robes and hopped on the Hogwarts Express (or the Commuter Rail, if you want to be technical) to Salem, Massachusetts—home of all things witchy. Below is a curated travel guide for my fellow witchy pals to have a spellbinding time in Salem! 

  1. 1. Buy a Wand at Wynott’s Wands

    Every witch needs their own wand, so make sure you stop by Wynott’s Wands to let your wand choose you. The store looks like something right out of Harry Potter, and the shopkeeper is so dedicated and knowledgeable about her craft. She explains the meaning behind each wand you choose so you can pick the best one for you. The prices of the handmade wands range from $24 to more artisan wands priced at $100. There can be quite a line to get into this shop, so I would suggest going early in the day. 

  2. 2. Shop for Spells at HausWitch

    HausWitch was one of my favorite shops of the day. As soon as you walk in the door there is such a positive and calming vibe. The girls who work at the store were so nice and helpful, and it was beautifully decorated. Here you can buy spell kits to ward off negative energy, help with focus and motivation, find your dream house, and get along with your roommates.

    The store has a big focus on feminism and inclusivity which is apparent throughout the store (one of my favorite spells was “A Simple Spell Against The Cis Hetero White Supremacist Patriarchy”), as they combine witchcraft with activism. For example one of the zines featured in their store was titled “Emotional Alchemy: Transmuting Feelings into Political Action”. While a lot of the stores in Salem represent the ancient aspects of the art of witchcraft, HausWitch takes a more modern and millennial approach to the craft.

  3. 3. Grab Coffee at Front Street Coffee House

    Warm-up from the crisp fall weather at Front Street Coffee House, a beautiful coffee shop decorated with occult photos and paintings. Here you can grab a quick bite to eat and some coffee or warm apple cider. The atmosphere is amazing, from the decor to the music, and it's the perfect place to take a quick break from all the shopping and sightseeing and recharge!

  4. 4. Walk Along The Salem Witch Trials Memorial

    Walking along the Salem Witch Trials Memorial is a good opportunity to reflect on the true tragedy that took place in Salem in 1692. 14 women and 6 men were executed due to accusations of witchcraft, and the memorial serves as a reminder of the dangers of mass hysteria and paranoia. Fans of The Crucible will recognize names like John Proctor and Judge Hathorne throughout the memorial and gravestones. It is hauntingly beautiful to walk through this memorial, and remember those whose lives were lost during the Salem Witch Trials.

  5. 5. Peruse The Shelves at Wicked Good Books

    I’m a huge fan of bookstores, so stopping by this local independent bookstore was a must for me! Wicked Good Books has tons of books to offer, from your standard young adult novels and poetry, to spell books, and books on the occult. They have sections dedicated to witchcraft, the history of Salem, horror novels, poetry, YA novels, etc. It’s the perfect place to pick up a spell book to master your witchy skills and learn more about the history and modern practices of witchcraft and magic.

  6. 6. Check Out Cool Artifacts and Handmade Jewelry at Hive & Forge

    Hive & Forge is a unique store, that has beautiful handmade jewelry, antique books, and interesting artifacts. The front of the store has an apothecary, with homemade candles and natural remedies. As you move further into the store you’ll find animal bones and skulls, as well as interesting art and decor. Everything in the store is handmade by local business owners and is absolutely stunning.

  7. 7. Visit Some Magical Shops to Stock Up on Witchy Supplies

    There is no shortage of magic shops in Salem, stocking things like crystals, sage, incense, tarot cards, etc. Basically anything and everything you’d ever need to live your best witchy life. Some of these shops include Hex, Omen, New England Magic, and Magic Parlor. It’s so much fun to walk around these shops and look at all the different witchcraft paraphernalia. These tiny shops are adorable, with the perfect decor to make you feel like a witch from the 1600s stocking up on her potions and crystals.

  8. 8. Find the Perfect Plants For Your Room at Oak + Moss

    My roommate and I stumbled upon the cutest little plant shop called Oak + Moss. There were so many cute plants that came in a wide range of species and sizes. They also sold gardening materials and literature to help you become the best plant mom out there! Their variety of pots to put your new plant babies in were also adorable, with so many unique designs. Of course, we couldn’t resist and ended up buying an adorable new plant for our room (it’s a calathea ornata if you’re curious!) and a cute pot to put it in.

  9. 9. People Watch!

    The great thing about Salem is that no one cares what other people think of them. So many people were dressed up in amazing intricate costumes, it felt like that scene from Halloweentown when Marnie first steps into Halloweentown and sees all the witches and monsters just casually roaming the streets. Make sure you take the time to stop and just look around to take it all in. People watching is always fun, but in Salem, it’s even better.

  10. 10. Find a Cute Ivy Covered Wall to Take Pics With Your Bestie in Front Of

    Is this too niche? Oh well, I promise it’s a good idea. My roommate and I found a cute little ivy-covered wall in an alley behind the Boston Burger Company and did a little photoshoot in our costumes and they turned out so cute! There is no shortage of cute photo ops in Salem, so find a cute background and strike a pose!

Salem is such a fun and unique place where everyone is just unapologetically themselves. I highly recommend making it out to Salem if you can this fall to have your own witchy adventures!


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