Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Change

It’s a fact: change can be scary. Although sometimes it seems that your life has changed for the worse, there is always some sort of good that can be found when life takes a different turn. If you only stay in your comfort zone all your life and never welcome change, it will be difficult to grow as a person, to learn from mistakes, and to become the best self you can be. Even if you feel like something in your life is changing for the worse, I hope you remember that sometimes very difficult times lead us to something wonderful.

Here’s a personal example. I was friends with these two girls for about a year, and I thought that we had a pretty good friendship. However, I began to notice that they would prioritize other people over me or make plans to do something and go without me. When I thought about it, I realized that staying friends with them really wasn’t worth it––so I stopped contacting them and removed them from all social media. I feel very lonely, and sometimes very sad, but I would rather be alone than hanging out with toxic people. Given that I spent a lot of time alone, I felt like my life changed for the worse. But realizing that I deserved better friends allowed me to embrace this change. It is also an opportunity for me to explore, do new things, and meet new people. 

Credit: Seventeen

When things change, just remember that the best people will always stick around. No matter whether you move, you make a mistake, or anything gets in the way the people who are truly there for you always will be. And if in this change they aren’t around, then they aren’t worth it. For me, these people are my two best friends from high school and my older sisters. If you are ever afraid of a change, you will immediately feel comforted remembering this. 

If you find that it’s your personality or some aspect of you that is changing, you shouldn’t be afraid that you’re turning into someone else. All people go through different phases of their life and they adjust and adapt––and their interests, aspirations, and tastes will change. Instead of becoming self-conscious because of this change, take a look at it for what it is: do you have a new life goal? Do you feel like you’re looking for something else in the people with whom you choose to spend time? Do you maybe aspire to travel more, or do you wish you could spend more time at home? As long as what you are feeling is authentic–– based on your true feelings, and your change of thought, the best way to approach this is to embrace it.

If you ever find yourself feeling scared of or apprehensive about a change in your life, recognize your feelings––but don’t let them overcome you. Though change may seem daunting, please remember that something good can come out of whatever it is. Just because there is a difference in life does not mean you have to be afraid. Don’t be scared–– change is part of what makes life interesting.


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