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If you think back to circa 2011, you may remember a viral video. This video was a young boy singing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga at a school show; he was even rocking the Justin Bieber hairdo. This video went so viral he ended up on “Ellen”. If you were ever wondering what happened to him, I’m going to tell you.

Since this original video, Greyson Chance has been consistently releasing music. At first, it was early Justin Bieber-esque music: young boy pop about life on the playground, something you might hear on Disney Channel. His music has since evolved to indie pop, similar to Conan Gray and Mxmtoon.

Although Greyson Chance sang amazingly in his original viral video, his voice has evolved alongside his style. He has a deeper tone and more control, vocally similar to Sam Smith. Simply put, it’s beautiful.

My favorite of his new songs is “White Roses.” The music video is absolutely stunning. The video tells a beautiful story of a young man torn between two loves, his longtime girlfriend and a boy in his trailer park. The actors did a wonderful job conveying the story, and the song itself is beautiful. Similar to the video, it’s about learning to love.

Last year, Greyson made another appearance on the “Ellen” stage to come out as gay. Since his coming out, it’s become obvious that Greyson is more himself. His music has improved drastically, he has a more original sound, and he’s freer in the types of videos he makes and the way he dresses. I would say he’s a gay icon – and who doesn’t like a gay icon?

If you’re looking for good music to listen to or another gay icon to stan, I suggest Greyson Chance. Give him a listen – you won’t regret it.  


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MyChalia is a freshman majoring in English Education in the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development at Boston University. She has a passion for education and social justice, as well as creating a loving and accepting community for all regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, etc. MyChalia also has a passion for reading and creative writing. She can be found lost in the isles of a Barnes n' Noble or chilling in a random Boston cafe drinking iced coffee.
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