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Why You Should Be Obsessed With These Female Country Singers

Country music isn’t for everyone. While some people think country music is just about dirt roads or drinking, these artists bring a whole new meaning to country. These female country artists inspire others. What makes these artists stand out is their unique personalities and how they make their lyrics filled with meaning.  


Kasey Musgraves

Naturally I put Kasey Musgraves first because she is my absolute favorite country artist of all time. Her album Golden Hour was by far the most popular, and has several songs that are perfect for any mood your in. I would list some of my favorite tracks from this album however, there’s too many to list. If I had to pick one track that was my favorite song of hers, it would be “Slow Burn.” Not only is she a talented singer, her image is completely unique. Follow her on Instagram to see her quirky yet fun personality. Her long, dark hair and tall figure stands out from the other blonde bombshell country singers. She is inspirational to many women who aspire to create a name for themselves. 

Miranda Lambert

I’ve always liked Miranda Lambert since I was young. She’s a short, blonde country artist who has a powerful voice. She is the definition of true country. One of my favorite songs by her is “The House that Built Me.” Many of her songs tell a story, which is one thing I love about her. Another thing I love is how she is an advocate. On her Instagram, she constantly promotes adopting shelter dogs. Miranda Lambert is talented and inspires me through her music and loving personality! 

Maren Morris  

Maren Morris is a badass. No questions asked. Her song, “GIRL,” is SO powerful. If you haven’t listened to it yet, close this article and pull it up right now. The music video is also iconic. In this song Maren Morris talks about many of the pressures women face from society. These lyrics hold so much meaning and inspire me to speak the truth everyday. She also has such a unique voice compared to other female country singers. Her voice is deeper than most. Also, her look is iconic. She has short, brown hair and a nose ring. Maren Morris has amazing style and I want her entire wardrobe. Check her music out! 

Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is only 26 years old and she’s already amazing. The best song of her’s is “Miss Me More.” Many of her songs are about staying true to yourself. Her music style is more pop country rather than true country. Many of her songs are about relationships, so if you’re into that type of music or even just country in general, listen to some of her songs! Also, she’s married to an Australian country singer and they’re adorable. 

Maddie & Tae

This country duo sings pop country. What sets them apart from other female country artists, is their ability to have two unique voices opposed to one. These two artists met and joined forces to create memorable music. Both of them are only 23 years old! My personal favorite song is, “Friends Don’t.” They’re only becoming more popular and just getting started!

Give these female country artists a listen. In an industry that can often be dominated by males, it’s important to support these female artists and their unique voices and personalities that set them apart from the crowd!

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