Why You Should Always Visit your High School Best Friends

Although high school is usually bad for everyone, there are some moments that you’ll hang on to forever. And there are some amazing people you get to meet.

I was struggling in high school, for sure. But I was super involved. I was stressed, but at the same time, it was good because it prepared me for college.

I also moved friend groups a lot. But now that I’m looking back at it, college has made us all mature for the better. When we visit each other, it’s super chill and nostalgic. I always look forward to it. In college, you learn that you can be away from someone so long and barely talk to them, but still be close.

My best friends to this day are my best friends from high school We all live in separate states and we are too busy to talk most of the time, but I still make time to visit them and hang out with them on vacation. Here are some of my reunions.

My best friend Kristin still lives in my hometown of Houston, Texas. She’s going to the University of Houston living her best life. I get to see her every time I go back home and when we hang out, it’s like we never left. We freestyle rap in the car, we sing badly, we eat a lot of Whataburger, and mostly, we just laugh. 

My best friend Keagan lives in Boulder, Colorado. I got to visit her over the summer and it was such a fun time. I got to meet all of her new friends and see what her life was like. It is so different from mine right now. We’ve grown a lot since high school, but I know we’ll be best friends forever. We always make time to visit each other, no matter how far we are.

My best friend Zoey lives in College Station, Texas, but over the summer she had an internship in LA and I got to visit her for a few days. Zo and I always love to explore cities and take pictures. We adventured around LA and it was honestly magical. One of the best vacations I’ve had. I know Zo and I will always be close and, eventually, we’ll travel the world.

Although high school was such a weird time for us, it was also a time for growth, like college. In a way, being distant sometimes brings you closer. I’m so glad that I have friends all over the country and that I get to see them when I can.

College has taught me to always make time to visit my high school friends. Even though we all may be different and living different lives, I still appreciate the little time we have together. And it’s always the best.


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