Why You Need a Diffuser

Who doesn’t love a fragrant and clean room? While there are many ways to scent a room, from candles to room sprays, there is another holistic way that is increasingly popular. Essential oil diffusers have been all the buzz lately as a relaxing and healthy way to fragrance your space. After recently purchasing one, let’s just say I can’t get enough…

  1. 1. It promotes relaxation

    It is quite relaxing to listen and watch the clouds of scented air pump out of the diffuser. Plug it in while lounging around, doing yoga, or working. It can help transform the feeling of a room, and your mood too!

  2. 2. It’s healthy

    Only relying on water and several drops of your favorite aromatherapy oils, diffusers create healthy fragrance—free of harsh chemicals and strong fragrances. Essential oils for different purposes are known to have tremendous health benefits. While lavender notoriously promotes relaxation, oils like rosemary can help with congestion.

  3. 5. It's pretty!

    With a variety of diffusers on the market, you can pick the most aesthetically pleasing one for your space! There are so many styles and colors to choose from, making it the perfect decorative accessory. Mine is grey porcelain and looks like a vase. Many of them glow up as a little lamp, too!

Has this convinced you? Get diffusing ladies!


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