Why Wizards of Waverly Place Was the Best Disney Channel Show

If you are like me, you probably grew up watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Shows like Hannah Montana and iCarly were my childhood, but lately, I noticed that Disney’s shows have just gotten SO bad. I was flicking through channels a few weeks ago and passed by the channel and for nostalgia’s sake, I paused to see what was playing. I watched for two minutes before I had to change the channel––it was that bad.

Now, I don’t know if it’s simply because I’m older now and my sense of humor has changed, but I seemed to remember that the content I grew up with was so much better. I started to reminisce about my favorite show, Wizards of Waverly Place, and found an episode to watch on On Demand. A whole host of memories flooded back and I suddenly was reminded why WOWP was my favorite childhood sitcom and the best show aired on Disney Channel by far.                                                         

1. WOWP is Funny AF.

WOWP wasn’t like any of the other shows on Disney Channel. One of the reasons it stood out was its consistent use of sarcastic humor. Although it did rely on slapstick and situational comedy too, it had a lot more sarcasm than shows like Hannah Montana, which made it even better in my eyes. Plus Selena Gomez’s deadpan allowed her to deliver every dry humored line to perfection. 

2. #Relatable

The show, while overall unrealistic, was still highly relatable to teens. Alex Russo was never shy about saying or doing what she wanted. Sometimes there would be that perfect moment when she would say something you had always been thinking but would never say aloud. Same, just… SAME.

3. BFF Goals


When we were younger, who didn’t want to have a best friend relationship like Harper and Alex? They were always there for each other and accepted each other’s weirdness. Even though Alex teased Harper about her eclectic style, she loved her for it and as a kid that bond seemed really special. Justin and Zeke’s friendship was pretty great also. Not every best friend pair may speak a special alien language like they did, but we can all relate to having those inside jokes that are only cool and funny to you two.

4. Relationship Goals

The three major couples on the show; Alex and Mason, Justin and Juliet, and Harper and Zeke. All of them had moments in which you wished you were in a relationship just like theirs. Whether it was when Justin goes to save Juliet from the evil mummy, or the special moment when Alex is determined to win the wizard competition to save her relationship with Mason, there is no denying that they were all relationship goals.

5. Iconic

If you ever watched more than one episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, there are two songs that will be stuck in your forever. Even six years after the series ended, I can still remember the theme song and the crazy funky hat song; not just in general sense, either. Fans of the show will undoubtedly remember every word to Everything is Not What it Seems and be able to finish the rhyme if anyone, anywhere in the world, were to utter those iconic four words: What’s that? A hat?

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing about the Russo family and all of their wild adventures in the wizard world. Just remember that everything is not what it seems ;)

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