Why We Can’t Be Friends If You Support Donald Trump

Before I begin, I must give these disclaimers so people do not take what I say verbatim.

Disclaimer #1: I am NOT trying to change who you vote for at the polls. We all have the right to vote for whoever we want. It is nearly impossible to change people’s minds when they are passionate about a candidate, so I do not try.

Disclaimer #2: My goal is to always inform. I share so many articles, pictures, and memes on Facebook to raise awareness. We don’t know everything.

Disclaimer #3: I may offend you and that is okay. I don’t seek anyone’s approval. My family loves me. God loves me. My friends love me and I love myself. As I said, my goal is to inform and if I offend you in the process, so be it.

Disclaimer #4: I have very strong opinions and a big mouth. I know that. I am stubborn, difficult, and sometimes hard to reason with, but if you approach me correctly with common sense and an intelligent argument, I will always listen.


With that out of the way, I have a lot to say, so brace yourself. Please share your thoughts with me if you read this piece in its entirety.

I have been arguing with people on Facebook about politics all day. Literally all day. I don’t have class on Tuesdays and I am mad at myself that this is how I choose to utilize my free time. Anyway, I thought of compiling all of my comments from various Facebook posts and putting them into an article, but decided against it.

I have been very vocal about not supporting Donald Trump. I can’t. As a black woman, the only logical choice for president is Bernie Sanders. That is my opinion.

Bernie is a people person and is about what is best for the people. He marched with Dr. King for civil rights. He doesn’t accept donations from big corporations. He wants women and men to earn equal pay. He believes in taxing the wealthy and raising the minimum wage. SO many great things, but this isn’t about why I support Sanders.

If you support Donald Trump, we cannot be friends. Not friends on Facebook. Not friends in real life. Not friends ever. That may mean nothing to you, and that is okay. I am not trying to say my friendship is something extraordinarily special. It is a choice I have made to better my life. But let me explain, because I have been saying this for a while and people are getting mad, hence my many Facebook arguments.

I used to say all Trump supporters are racists. Until I spoke with one grossly misinformed Trump supporter who believed Obama to be a Muslim. I couldn’t call her a racist because I always loved her as a person; she just has no clue what is going on in the world.

The vast majority of them are racists, though.  If you support a racist, you are a racist. Right? Isn’t that how it works? Someone told me that he believed Trump supporters to be scared, and he believes they support his radical views because he promises to fix problems, but that doesn’t make (all of) them racists.

But how not? Trump openly called Mexicans rapists and criminals.

Isn’t that racism? Trump is in a position of power, experiences privilege, and has the institutions on his side. He is making prejudicial comments about Hispanics as a white male; that is racism. (This is not to negate my previous opinions on reverse racism—it isn’t a thing. Racism equals privilege plus power, which I explicitly noted Trump has).

I have Mexican friends. None of whom are rapists or criminals, and I love them dearly.

Maybe I can get over that, right? There are so many different races of people in the world. Let me attempt to look past this. Key word: attempt.

Donald Trump says horrendous things about women. Assuming a woman is on her period because she reminds him of the sexist comments he made is asinine.  He repeatedly judges women on their physical appearance and looks. Assuming Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy America, because she can’t satisfy her husband. Seriously? A woman is worth way more than what any man says about her or what she can offer any man. He says “Look at the face” when referencing anyone’s choice to vote for former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. I’m not a Fiorina fan, but really? A woman’s appearance is no indication of her intellectual capacity, intelligence, or self worth at that.

Now, I’m mad. He’s said racist things about Mexicans and insulted women. People I know are voting for him and supporting these opinions. I can’t believe it. I don’t have to agree with everything you say. That is not possible, but aren’t these things a tad extreme for a presidential candidate? Insulting an entire race and gender of people multiple times should make you an unsuitable candidate for president.

It gets better. (Sarcasm!)

He wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. When have all Muslims been responsible for the actions of a few? Terrorists act in the name of Islam, but not the Islam I learned about. My Muslim friends don’t support those radical, extremist ideas. There are extremes in every religion. Does Trump want to ban all Christians for the actions of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh? Bigotry at its finest. Check out these examples of terrorist attacks done in the name of Christianity.

I can’t support this man. I can’t. Three strikes and you're out. I cannot rally behind someone who thinks these things. I am a woman. I am a minority. I may not be a Muslim, but I know enough about the faith to make the educated decision that banning all of them is excessive and unnecessary.

Some Trump supporters think the 13th amendment—you know, the one that freed the slaves—was a bad idea. So, what? I belong in a cotton field now working for the white man? That doesn’t even sound right in 2016. But then again, segregation ended in 1954. Not too long along when you think about it.

Blacks aren’t allowed into Trump rallies sometimes for no apparent reason.

Fights break out at these rallies because Trump supporters think it is okay. Trump encourages this violence and these fights. Peaceful black protesters have been kicked out of his events for no reason as well. I don’t want to be friends with people who support a man who won’t even allow my black brothers and sisters into his events.

What reason is there to support Trump? Illegal immigration may be a problem, but  building a wall is not the solution. The issues illegal immigrants are escaping from are an even bigger problem like the war on drugs and corrupt Mexican government. Getting citizenship isn’t easy. Does Trump care about that? Does Trump plan to make getting citizenship easier?

Yes, ISIS is a problem, but banning all Muslims is not the solution. I speak with the terms “may” and “sure” to imply doubt because I have not considered him as a candidate because of his derogatory comments. If you support him, you support those derogatory comments. You can be against illegal immigration and ISIS and not support Trump. I don’t think anyone wants terrorists roaming around in our country, but all Muslims aren’t terrorists! Just like all black people or protesters aren’t thugs, as Trump called those who shut down his rally in Chicago.

What makes Trump any different from any other Republican candidate? I didn’t support John McCain or George W. Bush Jr. and I remain friends with people who supported them.

They didn’t spew hateful rhetoric. They didn’t actively try to convince their supporters of these things. Sure they were conservative, pro-life Republicans, but they actually talked about real policies and initiatives during their campaigns. For all we know, they could have believed these things, but they didn’t spread those beliefs. They didn’t condone violence at their rallies. They didn’t suggest building a wall to block Mexicans from entering the United States. They did not spread such idiotic, xenophobic, racist, sexist views.

If I am friends with a Trump supporter, I am not considering any of my values. I was taught by someone near and dear to my heart that your values matter. I value my freedom of press. I value a woman’s right to choose. I value love. I value time. I value my family, my friends, and my religion. I value many things, but I do not value Donald Trump’s rhetoric. And I cannot be friends with someone who does. I would be giving value to the words he says when they have none. Those hateful words are worthless and have no place in my life, no matter the source they come from.

Truth is, if you are voting for Trump we are probably VERY different. Different is good at times. If everyone were the same, the world would be boring. Variety is the spice of life. But we are different in ways that are irreconcilable. If you support Donald Trump, we are too inherently different to be friends.

Some will argue that he could possibly have good policies and some argue that he is a good, rich businessman. I could argue his skills as a businessman and he inherited his money from his family. Regardless, when you say such negative things about people those thoughts are reflected in your everyday actions. How he treated the women on his show The Apprentice is a perfect example.

So sure, he could have a decent policy (what are his policies anyway????) here and there, but it will still have an underlying racist, sexist, xenophobic tone and that is the problem.

You don’t have to agree with me. I don’t lose sleep over anyone. You agree with me? Great. You don’t? That’s cool too.  I am NOT saying if you don’t agree with me, we can’t be friends. I am saying if you are voting for Trump we can’t be friends. I have friends voting for Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio (when he was still running).

This piece is riddled with questions because I want you to think. I want my opinion to make you think about your own life and political choices.

People can tell me I have hate in my heart for this article. When really, it is sadness and fear. My heart breaks that this man has gotten so far in the primaries, that people are rallying behind him, supporting him.  He won my home state and the state in which I currently live. It hurts that people believe the things he is saying. It is scary that he could be leading our country. I am living in a country of people who think the 13th amendment should be repealed. I am living in a world where people see women as inferior to men.

Sometimes I sit speechless reading articles about the election because I cannot fathom that this is happening.

I have Republican friends. I have Atheist friends. I have pro-life friends. I am a liberal, Christian, pro-choice Democrat. And that is okay. Agreeing with me is not the sole problem. The problem is that people think this man is a viable candidate for president! People agree with him. And I do not want to know or associate with those people.