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Why There’s No Place Like Home

As much as living in Boston has been great, there is no place like home.  Maybe I’m biased because I live in the greatest town ever, but being at home is one of the best feelings.  Some people enjoy living on their own and being away from their families, but I am not one of those people.  I wish I could live at home forever and here’s why.

1. Waking up in a comfy bed.

The size of BU’s twin mattresses aren’t my problem, but the lumpiness of them is.  I’ve tried my best to make sure my school bed is comfy, but it will never beat my mattress at home.  The extra comfort and years of sleeping in it have given my home mattress a comfiness level I never thought a bed could have.  The best feeling is coming home from school and sinking into your bed and getting the best night’s sleep.

2. Real food.

No more dining at the GSU for me. Being at home means the best home-cooked meals and a clean place to eat.  My family isn’t into cooking that much, so when we run out of food to cook we go to the best restaurants in town.  However, no matter where we eat or what we eat its always the best because it’s not BU food.

3. It’s always clean.

While living at school, I’m constantly living with dirty dishes on my desk and three weeks worth of laundry in the corner. But at home, everything is spotless.  Although I still do laundry and dishes at home, I don’t leave them out for days at a time like I do at school. I love that the only dirty thing about my house is the dog fur that’s scattered on our couches and floors.

4. Home friends.

I love my school friends.  They are so great and amazing, but being at home with my home friends is such a comfort. I’ve known them since elementary school and even when we’re doing nothing I still have the best time with them. They’re just the best group of friends anyone would be lucky to have.

5. TV.

This is going to sound really weird and random, but I love coming home and just watching TV.  I know what TV channels I like and I’m not subjected to only watching Netflix like I am at school.  When my parents come home from work, they always turn the TV on to wind down from the day. I love just sitting there with them and hanging out, even if I don’t know the show.  It’s very simplistic and relaxing.

6. Driving around.

Being in Boston the only time I’m in a car is when I’m Ubering, but in that situation, I can obviously never drive the car. Driving is one of the activities I enjoy the most when I go home. I had no idea when I moved to Boston I would miss driving so much.  Rolling the windows down and blasting my music while I cruise down the streets is so blissful.

I love being at home more than anything.  I feel so relaxed and happy there because of the friends and family I surround myself with.  I’m sad to be graduating from BU this year, but I’m excited to be moving home. I’ll miss the city and the friends who are staying behind in Boston, but I’m so excited to visit next year.  BU was such a great experience for me and I feel so fortunate to have lived there.


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I am a senior studying broadcast journalism at Boston University
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